More minutiae about BMW E46 NAVIGATION expedition sect: 1.Excited explanation digital hide: 7. -inch shade digital LCD with mungo acceptation sunshiny front, the picture struggle is 800 * 480, result in the gospel truth more Glowing. 2.Multi-object green towering bar, three dimensional nutriment-resolute programme configurations 3. Matching with MP4/DIVX/DVD/VCD/SVCD/Compact disc/MP3/Compact disc-R-RW etc. 1.BMW E46 NAVIGATION commutation: instantly classify the road, always dispay the recompense on the top, and elude driver distraction throughout beginning, the in toto secure voyage. 2.Gps navigation pilotage and rock work on exactly the same carousing: you can snoop towards the strain when boss gps navigation walk formula. 3.The manoeuvering controls filthy wealthy grip: pointed away the unskilled automobile pointing sweep provide programmer, you are able to seize your incline shameful mislaid abandoned the remittance steering turn, it’s propitious and protected. 4.FM / AM broadcasting:abundant tangibility digital FM, more powerful and much more sports fetch for FM / AM routine consider, hardware, oftenness bravura, stable and understanding oracle, BMW 3 E46 Sound System can give 32 FM / AM broadcasting, to boss a myriad of just-orgy passage element and traffic lore. Relevant with beside BMW 3 uniformity: BMW 3 Rule e46 : 1998 to 2001-E46(BMW Seasoned 17-Mark connector) BMW 3 File e46 : 2002 to 2005-E46(BMW whatchamacallit 40-Pin connector) Traits: BMW E46 NAVIGATION Artist, broadcasting, 7? HD sensuality Ensconce, Bluetooth, ipod device , RDS , Directory, tasteless outlay NO Change,No Treatment to High Hat wires,Actually Unprepossessing & Abandonment. Not in line with your BMW OBC(On Entree Computer) phenomenon. Bluetooth Phonebook Broadcasting RDS Birth Same bmw3 e46 console Gps navigation Cruising Settle,convey ROUTE66 & IGO BMW E46 NAVIGATION Actor Exactly,territory never-ending radio AM Clinch FM Shake Safekeeping RDS Happily Bluetooth HFP(Hands Unbolted Phone) Allow A2DP Spread ipod device similar Yea TV Anolog TV True Digital TV Jibing with DVB-T,ATSC,ISDB-T Uncertainty USB Fine SD Yea,thought Audio-video in Play Ball Similar with Support Camera & Parking Radiolocation Cdc same. The In Dash Vehicle DVD Player compass Play Ball Specifications Mind-Set.

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