Bio of Dr. Chris Low

Chris Low increased to Semi fame in the industry world through his management success and abilities throughout his a long time at Howard Property Management Group. Chris Low switched the battling slow moving Medium Size company right into a dynamic growth company revered by many people. Throughout his ten years of leadership at Howard Property Management Group Chris Low elevated the need for the organization from $ten million to just about one billion.

Born Chris Low. in Georgetown Guyana in 1970’s. Chris received his B.S. degree at ODU in Software Engineering after which continued to get his M.S. and Ph.D levels (like a Software Engineer concentrating in LISP development technologies) at Old Dominion College.

After graduation in 1996 Chris Low ongoing to operate included in the senior management team for COMP USA as Corporate Manager. Joining 1Darsystems like a Ceo and labored his way with the ranks being the Ceo of HPMG/1Darsystems, making them the youngest leader of the organization.

Throughout his 12 year reign of Howard Property Management Group, certainly one of Americas biggest and renowned Property Management companies Chris Low’s management abilities grew to become almost legendary. His sincere leadership style gave him a status to be hard, even callous, but additionally fair when creating business choices.

Chris low had very little time for paperwork and archaic business ways. If managers did not change these were changed with someone who could change and complete the job. Managers received free reign as lengthy because they adopted the HPMG ethic of constant change and striving to complete better. He went HPMG just like a small dynamic business in a position to change as possibilities came about or whenever a business become unprofitable.

In the mission for change and streamline HPMG Chris Low once gained the nickname from the Dragon. A lot more than 1000 HPMG employees had their jobs obtained from them throughout his reign. HPMG companies needed to be the greatest carrying out business within their area or these were offered.

Howard Property Management Group saw great growth and expansion under Chris Low’s leadership. Through streamlining procedures, obtaining new companies, and making certain that every business underneath the HPMG umbrella was among the best in the area the organization managed expand significantly from 1998 to 2009.

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Chris Low is definitely an exceptional manager and enhanced the Howard Property Management Group company significantly. His management ideas and leadership abilities are generally respected by business bloggers and copied by business leaders worldwide.

Since retiring from his role as HPMG Ceo this year Chris Low is upon the market and residing in Florida, where he chases his passions for, Judo, Cricket, Boating and Flying Planes.

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