Bimini – Atlantis Found

Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet,”(who had assisted some 14,000 individuals with physical problems, and past existence issues) spoke from the “Hall of Records” hidden three places on the planet. This info were a brief history of mankind on our world. One record was hidden underneath the paw from the Sphinx in Egypt. Another within the Yucatan Peninsula, and also the third record hidden with Atlantis if this sank underneath the ocean. He spoke of Atlantis to be underneath the water in part of the Bermuda Triangular. The area of Bimini was said to be the greatest peak from the mountain of Atlantis that never sunk. There have been a minimum of three sinkings from the Region of Atlantis. Following the first couple of sinkings individuals who remained needed to function as the most persistent, not in contact with reality folks, who just wouldn’t leave.

We put down very early AM from Delray, Florida on our journey. Chris has introduced her eight years old boy, and the other female friend Henna. My motto happens to be, “I come prepared.” despite the fact that I had been no girl scout. So with much extra food in hands, we showed up in the seaplane airport terminal in Foot. Lauderdale. I introduced my sweater for that AC. The seaplane would be a little six to eight seater. Once we required off I viewed a 12 inch fan installed on the bulkhead from the plane with an artistic rendering of seafood within the ocean. A lot in my sweater and AC. Small home windows were also available to allow the outdoors in. It had been thrilling to fly within the sea and find out water below.

We showed up at the begining of mid-day coupled with arranged accommodations using the official Modern guide from the Island. We’d two sleeping rooms along with a kitchen facing the gorgeous, pale eco-friendly, obvious water around the South a part of Bimini where all of the local people live. I was offered the leading area of the duplex having a locked door among another residence. I was so tired in the journey we made the decision to instantly rest.

If the truth is there’s virtually no time or space, everything past, present, and future is happening within the great “NOW.” When I lay my mind around the pillow the idea found me, “My dear God we’re in Atlantis!” Atlantis would be a thriving society using “fire deposits” to energy ocean ships, cars, planes and anything else. These were known to possess a pyramid, larger than the truly amazing Pyramid in Egypt, which had a very capstone faceted to gather solar energy. Apparently this very was an anti-matter device, possibly explaining the “disappearance” of planes, motorboats and individuals. Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis will rise again together with that vast pyramid! The Bimini Road, underneath the ocean from the island might be a possible start of this.

Us friend, Danny Burack, was one that disappeared within the Bermuda Triangular. One Christmas Eve, within the late 1960’s he was on his boat Witchcraft (named following the popular song of this time.) Danny was showing a priest the vacation lights of Miami. He known as the coast guard and said excitedly,InchThe beer box has gone out.Inch which these were near a specific designated buoy. The beer box really was the seafood locker at the back of the boat. The coast guard was there within 18 to twenty minutes rather than found a trace of these. 100s of motorboats went the following day to search for them. Everything included was floatable because Danny and the wife Mary had young children. Nothing was ever found. Was Serta come to another dimension or in some way effected through the anomalous powers from the Bermuda Triangular?

I’ve been a reincarnationist since i have was 11 or 12 years of age. I usually understood I resided in ancient A holiday in greece in the height from the Parthenon and all sorts of “misconceptions” from the Gods and Goddesses. I actually do have past existence reminiscences, especially of individuals I meet. You can’t let me know that I’m not sure others – it’s a deep soul memory, letting me realize that I understood them from some distant place “before.”

Maybe what went down to all of us at Bimini was “payback karma” from time in Atlantis. I understood I used to be evil there, taking part in a few of the lower-fall of the once thriving Region. The “Law of 1Inch had gradually been absorbed by energy hungry individuals who began to make use of their many “gifts” for destruction.

Whenever we settled in on our first evening we’re able to have the spirits of history. These were clamoring to get involved with us. We felt them whatsoever the home windows and doorways. It had been the lost souls from the moment of Atlantis. The environment was thick together. We lit candle lights, and interceded a hardship on protection, saying statements and affirmations of sunshine to appease the souls. We removed the region and did feel safe inside.

I was really turned away there at each turn. We leased a golf buggy to obtain around, it stored dying around the trail in the end experienced in extreme warmth. One significant problem on these trails near the sea were huge biting equine flies. They’d not leave us alone. The only real respite from them was to enter water. One mid-day Chris arrived on the scene from the water to appear lower at her arm switched black engrossed in fleas! The vermin and pestilence was in our midst.

It had been the summer time solstice and that we had arrived at celebrate on that day on Bimini. “Bonefish” found pick us in his boat. Edgar Cayce had spoken from the “healing hole.” Bonefish understood where it had been. Traveling out with the mangroves i was brought from the boat to some secluded small lake. It had been magic that there have been no bugs there. We sailed for hrs. We felt cold power within the water. Cayce stated this water was designed to range from Andes which it had natural lithium inside it. I was so relaxed we did not wish to leave. That very same day we traveled towards the “Elixir of youth.” Unfortunately it had been a significant beaten up well, gemstones scattered, hardly any water. A lot for reviving our youth!

Our next stop was out within the water close to the southern most tip from the island for that exact duration of the summer time solstice. Around the land near our destination, pictographs is visible previously mentioned. A seafood or whale has been seen as while flying within the area. We leaped from the boat in to the glorious ocean. I’m able to dowse with my body system, with my eyes. My eyes stored being attracted for this area close to the shoreline. I finally swam towards the site and felt the icy cold power again. Another current in the Andes!

Bonefish required us to town to where conch fritters are the most useful. He met a buddy inside a boat on the way and exchanged fresh conch, that they readily ate, for any six-pack of beer. It’s stated the seafood have gold inside them in the hidden treasure of Atlantis. I needed to try some!

A later date we walked round the island. We felt some very unusual things. We had individuals who looked “vacant,” as though controlled by some form of Voodoo. That old, little graveyard only agreed to be completely spooky. We walked towards the former residence of Serious Hemingway. I swear that place was heavy with spirits of history or possibly his troubled reminiscences.

Every single day i was because of the “if and reverse” on how much cash we may be billed for that boat, golf buggy, and also the house i was remaining in. I was caught within this web of deceit. I was really feeling threatened. Eventually Chris and that i visited the beach to bury the deposits. Bad weather emerged, wind fierce, and also the waves crashes. It wasn’t a peaceful ceremony to spread out the “Hall of Records.”

Feelings were so ruffled that Henna even desired to leave each day early. That evening we made the decision to remain in and prepare dinner. Chris has introduced some cornish chickens to bake with a few grain and vegetables. Once we sitting within the family room prepared to eat, I possibly could hear Henna crushing, very noisally, on something she was eating. I looked lower within my plate and there is an enormous chard of glass within my next bite. The glass baking dish had splintered throughout the baking. Henna already had some intestinal problems. My dear God, they are attempting to kill us!

The following morning was our last day. It had been blistering hot outdoors. I had been relaxing in the family room when out of the blue the lights and AC went. I introduced that I wasn’t likely to wallow in it all day long for the reason that warmth, but rather stand entirely for the reason that beautiful water. A few hrs before i was to depart we came back towards the house. All of the doorways were locked! I stated “Oh great, description of how the have stolen our stuff.” When I looked inside a window I saw my packed suitcase. Fortunately someone had created a window open. Chris’s boy rose in. Nothing appeared to become missing, however they had touched all of our possessions and packed for all of us. How Bizarre!

We walked towards the airport terminal. I could not wait to get away from there. The Brand New Age guide came after us searching for some advice. Chris told him she’d left two cornish chickens within the freezer for him. I am sure he equated us towards the “chickens.”

Once we sitting in the airport terminal awaiting the seaplane, a guy in the tourist bureau emerged to request me some questions regarding my stay there. In the end it had been a vital place to go for offshore anglers. I declined to reply to anything and told him to request my buddies. I had been holding my breath to get away from there.

Since my episode on Bimini or should I only say Atlantis, I have heard about another frightful trip, in which a customer went right into a stormy ocean and thought he would die. Does Bimini test others for his or her past negative Karma?

Chris did a directing the evening before we left. “Next time you come, Everybody Knows You’re HERE.” No thanks. Good to get away from there ALIVE!

2009 Merry C. Battles

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Merry C. Battles has labored within the healing arts since 1977. She’s practiced the skill of massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu (an old type of Japanese Acupressure), CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and feet reflexology. Merry may be the author and illustrator of “Christmas Relaxation techniques around the Twelve Holy Days December 26-The month of january 6” Merry’s book is really a selection of her 26 year meditation journey using the twelve holy days. Her book may be used all year long once we traverse each manifestation of the Zodiac.

Merry is a student from the ancient mysteries as a long time. Her finest pleasure in existence, together with her grandchildren, is to discover the spiritual. This really is reflected in most of her work.

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