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Reviews:Public Rent a bicycle spend Things technology finish from the bus card Rental Car

Seems like some mysterious Internet of products will have an energetic role in public places rental bike site. The sixth, the reporter learned in the Jingyi Group, Great Wall Gold Us dot Corporation inject 1000 Chaoyang District public Rent a bicycle in the finish of the coming year, arrived at the size of 5000, growing safety management and intelligent arranging needs, can give full play to the potency of Items to stabilize vehicle requires a tidal gap.

Per vehicle hidden wireless communication

Mastered rent control platform also information

Yesterday mid-day, close to the exit from the subway station northeast of Chaoyangmen public rental bike site parking 12 eco-friendly body from the bike, only eight parking spaces empty.

Year “11” throughout the exam run of Chaoyang District, the very first public rental bike site, east from the Chaoyangmen subway setup three sites within the south side of Blue Island commercial structures within the Western and Quintiles Building, each inject 20 bicycles. Public rental bike site using standardized canopy the slot lock your vehicle, buffet recharge machine yet put in use, however this continues to be the region of ??IC card readers. Lightweight rent a public bike every with two locks, a card slot electronic lock by vehicle vehicle charge card could make orange one using the answer to the regular convenience lock temporary secure place with no public rental site vehicle.

Within the Chaoyangmen site, eco-friendly travel cycling fashion advertisements attracted passers-by have stopped, every once in awhile to ask about how you can perform the card towards the administrator. A hastily rushed towards the Isle close to the males talk business, saw a wandering child bicycle station, wait to allow them to immediately perform a card to push the vehicle to visit, but was told today Office the Cumming days to allow, for the time being, to stop.

Office card rental car or office employees mostly weekend vehicle more compact compared to site staff.

This website takes care of Beijing areas of the implementation from the bicycle community rental points is not so different, and rain the Ceiling is tough to identify the area, however in the parking near the column readers hidden miniature wireless communication station, station each vehicle rent will also be sent instantly towards the the trunk control platform, to precisely predict the dynamic regulating rental car needs.

Only the vehicle, Mr. Guo told reporters, rental car card, Office on October 3 each morning in the Grass to ride the subway station during the night in the evening ride home in the subway station, “compared to bus stuck in traffic faster and much more . ” However, if most people rent bikes for example Mr. Guo “tidal” travel, rental car site automobiles is going to be hard to control.

7 or 8 each morning bus Rental Car are scrambling towards the subway, this website soon silt, a lot more than 20 can’t steer clear of the vehicle may also not swipe 5 or 6 within the mid-day, people wish to ride home in the subway station, frequently encounter site was empty, no cars is going to be permitted to book. “Great Wall Gold Point manager Wang Kun, each site must depend around the balance from the vehicle configuration intelligent arranging of products.

Start the coming year “inverse consumer

Rent a bicycle can send recharge

Presently, very few consumer categories of public rental bike is not obvious, Rental Car demand tidal drop, individual periods, staff just to walk to some nearby site ride to 2 or 3 automobiles, vehicle configuration of three pilot stations will have the ability to keep things in balance. However this artificial arranging far too original, multi-site simply can’t deal with, unless of course particularly rent trucks circling between your various sites away surplus automobiles put into the website of the small vehicle.

Steps to make inter-site bicycle can instantly deploy? The Gold Point being analyzed “overturn Pay” program, is anticipated early the coming year, once the spread from the network size could be accomplished.

Reverse Pay depends on the amount of automobiles towards the site, anytime launched encourage customers to accept vehicle towards the vehicle in the vehicle multi-site website vehicle less, each reverse Consumer Rental Car card can get .5 yuan recharge once the vehicle configuration balanced Reverse Pay immediately stopped. Such promotions can attract a the Rental Car crowd outdoors work employees, they are able to simply to the general public throughout peak travel hrs Rent a bicycle reverse transport towards the site from the vehicle needs.

Essentially, the 24-hour unwatched public rental bike site, use a video surveillance system to prevent vehicle thievery or vandalism. However, the striking public Rental Car logo design, the built-in nick could be tracked via a hands-held readers, combined using the inexpensive from the rental, these bikes stolen the danger is a lot less than the regular bicycle.

Rental Car reason for the finish from the month to Fifty Dollars

Bus IC card for deposit and withdrawal

Reporter learned yesterday, continues to be within the stage of promotion, office rental card only 38. Likely to the finish of the month, Chaoyang District, public rental bike site outward expansion in the outwards region towards the finish from the month to Fifty Dollars, mostly are situated within the East Second Ring Route to the East 4th Ring area, since the primary subway station and CBD, Sanlitun, Gongti crowded areas “last mile” of travel problems, relieve stuffed up areas.

Presently, people from the public to try to get public rental card holding my ID card real-title handle cards need a total deposit of 210 yuan, 200 yuan for that vehicle deposit, the Ten Dollars saved costs have to renew the credit card for under 200 yuan. Public rental bike first hour free use of several hrs subtracted one yuan each hour, 24 hrs maximum control of 10 yuan. This low fare model, to be able to encourage more and more people to talk about the bike.

Based on the introduction, through the finish of the month, the general public holding bus card are designed for the rental bike business premise is with an identity card real-title registration towards the rental car points, opened up the credit card Rental Car, as lengthy because the card inside the saved value quantity of not under Two Hundred Dollars, will have the ability to sunrise all public rental site, deposit and withdrawal.

Based on the development plan from the city’s public rental bike, rental car site built 1000 to 2015 and set 50,000 bicycles. At that time, the proportion of bicycles in urban traffic elevated from 18.1% to twentyPercent.

The reporter Tu Lu Fang photo

News site

Two rental car points over the road but could not deposit and withdrawal

Government-brought public bicycle rental pilot before Beijing many areas in front of attempting to bike rental, however the primary business activity. Different business organizations, different technical standards for bicycle rental can’t deposit and withdrawal.

Yesterday, the reporter present in Chaoyang Gate subway station, public rental bike additionally towards the northeast close to the exit from the pilot, the Northwest exports bicycle rental business, 21 orange bikes parked nicely within the the lock vehicle put on. Shanghai Forever Bicycle producers place the vehicle in Beijing, site managers, and just left the service hotline number below swipe sensitive area.

Clearly, these vehicle rental card, vehicle storage pile Chaoyang public rental car pilot is 2 entirely different system, even over the road cannot be compatible.

Side Chaoyang District, side stabilized Dongcheng District, otherwise unified technical standards to apply Bicycle Rental, over the road, you can’t pass deposit and withdrawal. “Stated Wang Kun, the city’s reunification, Great Wall Gold Point the implementation from the important reasons of public rental bike.

Reporters learned Dongcheng District, Dongcheng District, Forever Bicycle Company within the East 4th Through the finish of the season, Chaoyang Mun implementation of bicycle rental business will expire, Vehicle cards will invalidate begin a new public rental bike business, re-press the city’s unified standard.

Industry sources, study from Hangzhou mode large-scale implementation of public rental bikes need strong fiscal support. Vehicle purchase cost only a few $ 100, but the total cost of supporting facilities, and personnel management estimations lower vehicle committed to a lot more than 2,000 yuan, this implies that the city’s 50,000 public rental bike operators, the size of investment to some billion dollars.

Capability to offer the efforts of subsidies for trains and buses ongoing to aid public rental bicycle eco-friendly travel designs, body, site advertising revenue from the canopy as to the extent to pay for the operating costs should also undergo some test.

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