Biggest [Parts per million] Offer in U.S.A. History for Youthful Minds in G2Space



[GREAT Bald eagle] Brand X


Negoisha World Virtual Sales Community with embedded Virtual CyberTility

Negoish.internet – – – – –

“GREAT Bald eagle” Special Forces – Special Tactics – Special Shadows ALL for #1 – #1 for those

Negoish FAMILY Existence/Work Founders:

[Dr.] Casriel Family > [Dr.] Valenti Family > Felix Arroyo Family > Guy Strum [C.P.A.] Family > Ken Sikora [M.B.A.] Family > Dork Zuretti [Math] Family > Joe Kennedy [Galleries] Family > Roy Toppino [Toppinos] Family > Andrew Thomas [Captain] Family > Ray Dacks [C.P.A.] N.Y.C. Family > Chief Ray Billings [Key West/Tropper] Family > Matthew Watson [Bahama Village/B.V.I.] Family > Monsignor O’Brien [Daytop Village/WFTC] Family

Tom Nickerson Sr. COLONEL (ret.) Military: COLONEL and PARTNER

Mike Lampe (ret.) AIR Pressure Bald eagle DESERT STORM – JUST CAUSE – PROJECT 404 AIR Pressure: USSOCOM Combat Controller Confirming to (ret.) GENERAL STINER Special Tactics/Special Forces and PARTNER.

Tony Bell (ret.) Military DELTA Pressure Military: Group Leader DELTA Pressure/Eco-friendly BERET and PARTNER.

The Biggest [Parts per million] Offer in U.S.A. History.

iProposal: The month of january 16, 2011 Realtime [HTTP] Worldwide.

Voicestars, Corporation. Negoish.internet/ Florida Corporation – Active

Mark Paul “#1N” Braunstein [SAMURAI][V] Chairman, Leader and C.E.O.

Michael “#1X” Small [NINJA][Search engine optimization][V] Leader & Chief Technology Officer

Eugene “Lawman” Lieberstein [ESQ.][V] Patent Lawyer – Registered Agent

Thomas “Killer” Speranza [B.S.E.E.][V] Chief Science Officer

Jim “Microscope” Kilbride [RPh.][V] Chief Human Officer

[Parts per million] Offer: World 400 > 100 Trillion Dollar Profit Center Worldwide – All-In > 100 Billion Up-Front – Gold, Diamonds and Platinum Only > 100 “Males of Recognition” @1 Billion an item-In

[Large D] The Lawman: AGENTg [21] [Global 400] G2Space Private, Private and Secret [Parts per million] Subscription Agreement

[Large D] The Lawman: AGENTg [21] [Global 400] G2Space Private, Private and Secret [Parts per million] Private Positioning Memorandum

Chairman: [STORY OF EYES] [HE WHO WALKS In Your Thoughts [POPE][PASTOR][Gemstone][EL CABRON] [Large D][Large V][Large AL][Large JAW] [Cornelius][Charlie][West][McGregor] [Eco-friendly][DELTA][BERET][Bald eagle] [JUDGE][LAWYER][B.S.E.E.][RPh.][gANGEL][gPA][gBRO][gLEATHER][ROSE][BONDS][Forest][Layer][Red-colored][BLUE][CHARTEUS][SHADOW][SAMURAI][NINJA][SHAOLIN][STREET] [DEVLIN][TINTRUP][HILL][ROSENTHAL][SEAL][RANGER][RECON][HEADHUNTER] [Jay Z][Diddy][Snoop][Rev Run][50 Cent][Lawman][Conspiracy][Knockout][Hulk-Up][‘cisco’ KID][BLUE MOON][HOMBRE][iCONCH][BROTHERHOOD] [G2-INTELLIGENCE][BROTHERHOOD] [Knights in combat][GRAND DESTROYER] [#1N][BELL][LAMPE] [SAMURAI Players][CORONA JETS][Eliminating HAWKS][TAYLOR][SUN TZU][CURTIS][MUSASHI][DOUGLAS][KING] [#1X][TWO HEADS[U.S.S. HOWARD][KRONK][TEMPLAR]

“Concept” Founder: Thomas Speranza [B.S.E.E.][PARTNER] ATT – NORTHROP GRUMMAN – New york stock exchange – New york city TRANSIT GOD [21] 21 Years Old Embedded Partners

“The Years Have Come Today” [Ring-A-Levio][Mother-Freeze][Baked-Beans][Warrior-Ball]

“Free” [Parts per million] Consultation: #1Negoish 610-966-1984

“One Of The Ways Ticket” for PEACE, LOVE And Heavy PROTECTION.

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