Bicycles China Factory ReportsThe subway and bicycle travel is becoming fashionable

Reviews:The subway and bicycle travel is becoming “fashionable”

Ride a bicycle or drive towards the subway station, parked the vehicle and subway transfer now become many people passionate method to travel. Shenyang City this year among the ten practical, the city’s the nearby subway station along with a key transportation hub and commercial areas, banks, hospitals along with other public areas planning 46 bicycle parking, 10 vehicle parking within the subway station area planning. Presently, bicycle parking and five ground parking of cars have been finished and set into use.

5 automobile parking area was built near the subway

Shenyang City this season has additionally completed the making of five large vehicle parking, all situated near the subway station. 4 subway line, another line, pre-opened up towards the public totally free. 5 vehicle parking total section of ??15,000 square meters, in excess of 400 cars parked.

Additionally, based on the early introduction from the “Comprehensive Transportation Planning Shenyang, Shenyang will intensely building public parking within the road outdoors. Planning 30 public parking within the important section of ??Street, Taiyuan Street, Golden Gallery, mixing eco-friendly and Square set 12, set 18 combined subway station. Will focus standardize parking construction and management, strengthen the control over existing parking and increase acceptance from the new parking, construction and control over the development of parking to inspire policy.

Most trendy cycling subway, travel

Completing 46 bicycle parking

46 bicycle parking are situated within the downtown section of ??the town, because the primary metro stations across the second type of inbound and outgoing port configurations area. Additionally, area of the building within the city’s central business district, banks, hospitals along with other public areas and transportation hub from the lot. All bicycle parking that may accommodate a lot more than 7,000 parking spaces. Round the station of Metro Line 21 near 3000 round the station of Metro Line 10, a lot more than 2,000 15 across the primary road from the city’s five a lot more than 2,000.

New bicycle parking are positioned metal bicycle shelves. The metal frame per site situated 30-50 extend the meters, conditions were better site car bike rack installed 100s of meters lengthy, split into single or double row storage of automobiles, the general public is extremely simple to use.

Built parking across the Metro Line Station totally changed the the Chen Cheng travel, bike or vehicle and so the subway, is now probably the most stylish method to travel.

Youthful people Wang Yu Street, close to the small store, are driving towards the store before, but many worry is really a day I don’t be aware of vehicle where. Wang Yu told reporters, on the street close to the weekend, many people, and when we come across a road project what Wang vehicle but don’t be prepared to stop a great place. Following the opening from the subway line, the CDC will frequently go ahead and take subway to visit work, but at home towards the subway station to visit far. Since Metro Station built bicycle parking, Wang Yu simply parked in your own home, purchased a second-hands bike, first ride towards the nearest subway station, and subsequently stored a great vehicle metro a great deal simpler.

Candidate reason

Today, the subway line opened up the entire year, the 2nd lines are also going to trial operation in the finish of the season. Subway stations round the parking is tough and interchange using the poor together with progressively prominent, completed this season, 46 bicycle parking and vehicle parking, unquestionably solved a large problem, not just for that city lower carbon, people travel easier.

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