Best-selling Books from Sherrilyn Kenyon, Award-Winning Romance Author

Background from the Author


Sherrilyn Kenyon, a united states novelist, was created in Columbus, Georgia. Kenyon’s books are highly acclaimed by experts and also have won the #1 position around the New You are able to Occasions Best Seller List twelve occasions previously 2 yrs. Her books also frequently top best-selling books lists, for example USA Today and Marketers Weekly. Kenyon’s books have received a powerful worldwide group of followers, using more than 23 million copies of her books given to over thirty nations. Her award-winning books happen to be granted and recognized in the RBL Hughie Honours, Darrell Honours and lots of other literary and testers organizations.

Popular Books & Best-selling Books

Kenyon’s books have acquired outstanding presence within the genre of paranormal books, adding considerably towards the excitement and hype over this genre all over the world. Kenyon’s best-selling -The Dark-Hunter- series commences using the first novel, -Fantasy Lover-(2002), that has won honours in 2002 like Top Books of the season from Romance Authors of the usa and seemed to be the finalist within the 2002 Aspen Gold contest. The very well-received -The Dark-Hunter Series- involves the paranormal world, where ancient players underneath the helm of Artemis are dedicated to combating evil forces like Daimons along with other enemies. Ancient gods, clans, wars- an amazing and exciting mixture of amazing elements which makes a fantastic novel series to see.

Kenyon has additionally written a number of other popular novel series for example -The League Series- and -B.A.D. Agency Series-. Underneath the pseudonym Kinley MacGregor, she’s also released novel series like -Lords of Avalon Series- and -Brotherhood from the Sword Series– each having a gripping plot that leaves visitors around the fringe of their seats- secret orders, mysterious lost objects, energy strife are strong styles during these books which have won numerous of fans worldwide.

Besides as being a prominent estimate the genres of fantasy and paranormal, the gifted and versatile author has additionally written non-fiction materials which have been released within the Writer’s Digest.

Approaching Books

Kenyon’s -Retribution-, #20 in -The Dark-Predators- series, is because of be launched at the begining of August within the U . s . States. Other approaching books because of be launched this year include -Alterant- and -The Protector-. She’s also listed books to become launched this year and 2013 like -Daemon’s Angel- and -Darkness Within (Kaziel & Avery)- (-Lords of Avalon- Series). Kenyon has intends to to produce new series too, referred to as -Nevermore series-.


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