Best Photo voltaic Lengthy Yao Dongbin steady realization of auto parts chain logo and scale effect – Yao Do

HC Auto Parts Network Aftermarket auto parts thus confronted with many problems, domestic Auto Parts There’s circulation of faux and shoddy, low-cost competition, which aren’t standard problem during these problems requires regular auto parts producers to go in circulation, need to adjust to new market development Sell Mode, “auto parts store chain will end up the mainstream automobile market”, 67 th National Auto Parts Fair, Best Photo voltaic Auto Parts Yaodong Bin Lengthy live HC guest room, discuss the introduction of auto parts chain.

HC Network : Hello, everyone this is a national auto parts trade fair site, this time around we’ve asked towards the Best Photo voltaic Dragon’s Yaodong Bin, gm of auto parts. Hello.

Yaodong Bin: Hello. HC Network: Welcome guest HC studio, this time around to sign up in Qingdao Auto Parts is going to be What harvest?

Yaodong Bin: The harvest is excellent to determine many old and new buddies, as always we’re very busy and clients are good, there’s no chance to speak together, we are able to only two times annually, auto parts is going to be around new and old buddies plus a small amount of time to some communication, I think hard annually is essential, we’re very grateful towards the organizing committee is extremely grateful to the auto parts within the HC Auto Parts Network.

HC Network: What caused the product? Yaodong Bin: Our items mostly are to complete our lengthy national chain Ten Best Photo voltaic Class Auto Parts Consumables Photo voltaic towards the dragon is incorporated in the vehicle market following a chain of fast paced consumer goods sales combined delivery, fast repair fast once we finish Paul Ten Best Photo voltaic Lengthy after class supplies we should have.

HC Network: Lots of people think that the way forward for auto parts chain could be stated that the trend, then your Best Photo voltaic How lengthy would you like to do this type of chain of auto parts?

Yaodong Bin: Now, because the whole Auto Parts Industry Levels of competition are fierce, fierce competition included in this how you can play this type of new idea of their own, as well as in an aggressive edge, this can be a business needed to move every mind thought. Now, a Auto Parts Company To become invincible within the fierce competition to chop in to the first in the brand, also in the chain, reduce how big this position, there’s a higher-tech is the fact that to any extent further we make use of the point of view that information, I believe from the brand chain and also the three facets of information to find out regardless if you are within this business to become well-known large brand worldwide law.

HC Internet: U.S. auto parts chain does excellent, and price learning. Do you consider the implementation of these auto parts in China and also the U.S. chain of the items type of gap? What China must perfect the various components from it?

Yaodong Bin: auto parts chain within the U.S. both have 1000’s of brand name in the united states, I have visited the U . s . States several occasions, I understand the company of these a hardship on hundreds of years prior to the formation of these a scale, once we have for China Auto Parts Industry a good large brands haven’t yet, that we are able to endure this type of competition, can definitely stay with your chain to spread out up a household, to ensure that your logo and scale effect can have step-by-step, to ensure that not anxious, but must stick to your brand philosophy, we should insist upon the standard of the first ideas, In my opinion the market will progressively accept your brand, your chain, take all your car dealership around.

HC Network: conduct business, I understand that Yao always was an individual who can fulfill their social duties, within our auto parts is going to be locked in Qingdao, also marketed to lead towards the disaster areas Yushu in Qinghai Province.

Yaodong Bin: The emergence in our country has this type of large earthquake,

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