Best Indian Astrologer Hemant Sharma ji’s Forecasts Capricorn (Makara) Lagna

The Sun’s Rays-The Sun’s Rays may be the eighth the almighty for Makara lagna. The Sun’s Rays is immune in the evil lordship from the eighth house and provides auspicious results. Obviously the weak Sun causes demise and wealth.

The Moon-The Moon may be the seventh the almighty with this lagna. The Moon strong doesn’t remain a benefic being the almighty of the Kendra ie becomes neutral and it is connection to evil planets turn so that it is evil. If however the Moon is weak it provides great results.

Mars-Mars is the almighty of fourth and eleventh houses. As fourth the almighty Mars manages to lose its malefic character and again acquires it being eleventh the almighty. Therefore Mars is really a malefic and results in illness and when strong, it’s good for earnings.

Mercury-For Makara lagna Mercury is the almighty of sixth and ninth houses and it is Moola trikona sign falls within the ninth houses. Even the sixth house isn’t as bad nearly as good may be the ninth house and therefore Mercury gives benefic recent results for Makara lagna if strong. Weak Mercury causes lack of future with the opponents, Deficits to father etc, the evil results.

Jupiter-For Makara lagna Jupiter is 3rd and twelfth the almighty and being twelfth the almighty provides the outcomes of the next house where its other sign is situated. Therefore Jupiter may cause evil as well as in affliction to malefic causes poverty.

Venus-Venus is the almighty from the fifth and tenth houses, the first is a trikona along with other is really a Kendra and therefore Venus is alone a Yoga karaka for Makara lagna. If Venus is a little strong bestows the native with a myriad of conveniences, luxuries, future and standing parallel to some ruler.

Saturn-Saturn may be the the almighty of lagna and also the second house, and second the almighty provides the results of the home where its other sign is positioned. Therefore Saturn gives outcomes of the lagna solely and it is a benefic go ahead and for Capricorn lagna.

Good Yogas for Makara Lagna- (1)Venus alone is Rajayoga karaka.

(2)Venus Saturn.

(3)Mercury Venus.

(4)Venus Mars (spoilt).

(5)Mercury Saturn (both spoilt).

(6)The Moon Mercury (both spoilt).

(7)The Moon Venus.

(8)Mars Mercury ?Mercury is sixth and Mars is eleventh the almighty (both spoilt).

Yogas without Good- (1)This is actually the lagna where there’s no yoga which in turn causes not good.

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