Benzene market temporarily go cyclohexanone skipped visits

This summer 29, the final buying and selling day in This summer, Sinopec East Branch received early benzene listing cost elevated 100 yuan / ton perform 8,500 yuan / lot of news, to August 1, intends to raise, for example going to. The upward adjustment in cyclohexanone market generally stick to the same rate, the marketplace cost in the previous 12,000 yuan / ton as much as 12100-12200 yuan / ton. Yesterday, the marketplace gossips end up in benzene restored, the marketplace cost much more stick, the majority of the high reported in 12400-12600 yuan / ton, and southeast the company market adjourn retailers, following the ascent to become a obvious concept of benzene, however the real one downstream Inquiry to follow-up generally. Today, oil and benzene within the outer plate overnight were modified downward within the situation, , the rise in benzene doesn’t arrived at the gossips, cyclohexanone market outlook within this situation is going to do?

Cyclohexanone market companies in a variety of upstream and downstream benzene caprolactam and adipic acidity market in good frame of mind rather than conserve a strong, multi-up benzene and cyclohexanone producers increase. However, follow-up progressively within the downstream demand stalemate situation, the attitude of traders started to diverge, some traders ongoing to exhibit resolve for it, but you will find several profit-taking started mental, high reported attaining recognition ongoing to decrease.

Downstream, the caprolactam or at the start of the brand new high cost of products minimizing interest in support to pay for short positions or under high consolidation adipic acidity within the pre-steady upward trend following a temporary office overall steady interest in cyclohexanone. However, the factory from the cyclohexanone solvent resistance at high costs, , demand-oriented small single purchase, buying and selling slightly stalemate.

Overall, cyclohexanone market anticipation slightly for benzene, but benzene doesn’t move when cyclohexanone didn’t alter the market demand and supply difficult or next, , traders or temporary shock consolidation, the content awaiting obvious recommendations. Source: world wide

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