To tell the truth, I had been attracted by its title at the beginning sight of the clutch, BEFOREDARK. I’m wondering that there has to be some unique story behind this clutch. Here is the solution. The style of this Monogram Motard bag is within memory from the glorious realm of Richard Prince, a superb American artist.

The bag consists of supple Monogram Motard leather and smooth silk lining. Having a size 13.2″ x 7.1″ x 4.7″, it’s very handy as well as in adorable shape. We have an inside patch pocket anytime you like. A detachable, acetate chain strap produced from golden brass goes well with this particular clutch and brings it vivid existence extension. Therefore, this bag may either be transported around the shoulder or hands held. This clutch is safety made certain with a flap closure. In my experience, I love the strong contrast between your various materials and colours, making the bag not the same as the traditional Lv bags. This classic clutch can be obtained in a cost of Three Dollars,070.00.

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