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Within this paper, the 3 areas east Changji Qitai example, the research into the bamboo frame perforated pipe covered with filter programs within the tube wells and harmfulness from the problems, suggested to avoid countermeasures.

1 Introduction Tube well filters broadly used both at home and abroad, you will find two, one using filters of various shapes from the gap charge of aquifer contaminants, and turn it into a natural filter layer another is outdoors the complete the filter frame gravel, in order to form artificial filter

Presently, probably the most broadly used filter for steel, surefire pipes, plastic pipes, asbestos cement pipes, concrete pipes perforated metal wire wrapped around outdoors for frame filter, the holes form a round hole, bar holes, etc.. Filter bridge-formed hole in lots of regions of China convey more common application.

Perforated metal and nonmetal pipes, reinforcement pad for wire frame wrapped round the filter outdoors the hydraulic performance of their good, two materials filters get their pros and cons. Metal tube frame filter rugged, high porosity, water capacity, but the cost non-metallic tube frame filter inexpensive, corrosion resistance, however the porosity is small, poor water, single hole water is low .

Individuals lengthy-term production practice investigated using civil bamboo child covered with perforation of pipe walls, tied with wire spacing of filters rather than the piercing tube outer frame wire wrapped round the filter. Such filters are broadly utilized in the 3 areas east Changji (ie Jimsar County, Qitai, Mori County) area, especially Qitai probably the most. I check their shape and go ahead and take title from the filter material bamboo frame wrapped perforated pipe filter. The filter used steel pipes, cement pipes through holes, produced from outsourcing civilian bamboo children, indicated by looking into making an easy, lightweight, cost accounting perforated pipe wrapped round the filter wire 70% from the cost, after analysis, the hepa filter Although a few of the benefits of device, however the disadvantages are lots of practical programs, an excellent danger, ought to be further research and prevention.

2 skeleton wrapped perforated pipe filter problem

2. 1 problem from the filter material outsourcing

The filter frame sub-outsourcing of materials for civil bamboo. Such bamboo child an easy fabrication process, using the whole bamboo as mother material, splitting the bamboo, 10cm across using the preparation of the old cotton chain line, bamboo sub-length 2m, width 1m. As Pozhu done, bamboo compression, tensile strength is extremely small situation of exterior compression bamboo easily damaged, since the old thread for chain line, bamboo in to the water can certainly cause groundwater contamination.

2. 2 problem from the filter specifications

Bamboo frame wrapped perforated pipe filter technical specifications are presently no uniform standards from the perforated pipe skeleton material 5mm Longitudinal Pipe and precast strengthened concrete pipe, pipe diameter, aperture, hole, and every week the amount of Grain Retailers same within the farming technical specifications and needs associated with materials, outsourcing bamboo sub-standard team personalized entirely by wells. After analysis, outsourcing all the market Bamboo boy, the bamboo width of 4mm, a thickness of just one. 5 ~ 2mm, bamboo gap to at least one. 5mm, bamboo width 2m, period of 1m. In actual production, processing to diameter 377mm tube wells paid for for 99% from the application rate of installation. Steel tube is perforated with bamboo frame wrapped filter, for instance, the dwelling proven in Figure 1, technical specifications in Table 1.

Be viewed in the table, the wall thickness of no technical specifications needed by the style of farming wells, bamboo and wire size specifications set standards for that self- , is calculated, the filter porosity is just 7.62%. Therefore, this type of filter tube-wells installed first well shorten the existence of existence, and 2nd, a significant effect on well water.

2. 3 porosity filter problem Bamboo frame wrapped perforated pipe filters the filter surface as bamboo tube wrapped child near to optical filter made from, no pad strengthened outer wall, merely a mix section, but consists of three porosity. The first is the skeleton porosity control, a sub-filter is wrapped bamboo surface porosity, and also the other may be the filter porosity. To steel, for instance, the calculation formula the following:

1) perforated pipe formula skeleton porosity

P1 = (m? N? R2) / D? L

The formula: P1? Perforated pipe skeleton porosity (%)

M? Perforated pipe circumference from the hole rows

N? Perforated pipe within the hole number per line

R? Hole radius (mm) D? Perforated pipe outdoors diameter (mm)

L? The job of a few of the period of perforated pipe.

Figure 1 bamboo frame wrapped perforated pipe steel filter

2) bamboo sub-package filter surface porosity formula

P2 = (m 1? M 2) / [m 1? D2 m 2 (m 1 d1)]

The formula: P2? Bamboo sub-package filter surface porosity (%)

M 1? Bamboo gap distance (mm)

M 2? Bundled up bamboo distance between sub-wire (mm)

D1? Bamboo Width (mm) D2? Wire diameter (mm). 3) bamboo frame wrapped perforated pipe filter porosity formula

P = P1? P2 The formula: P? Bamboo wrapped perforated pipe filter porosity (%)

P1? Perforated pipe skeleton porosity

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