Automotive textile and Air bags

Technical textile has emerged among the promising business chance and helpful programs. Among the related application market is the Automotive textile where technical textile got huge consumption for variable programs e.g. steering rims covers, air bags, chair devices, vehicle floorings, carpets, seating, battery separators, hood inserts etc. Inside a measured quantity textile it covers 20-25 kilos in vehicle interior.

Therefore, of all the pointed out programs, vehicle air bags are among the fast growing usages from the technical textile.

Airbags requirement can be used among the safety inside from the cars. These air bags be very convenient and save from severe injuries throughout collisions, roll-ons and resulted accidents. The new introduction comes when it comes to side air bags that are brought to safeguard chest and mind, as numerous accidents leads to the main injuries on these areas of the body.

Another kind of air bag would be to safeguard throughout vehicle rollover, this specific type differs because it remains inflated lengthy and next it sense the automobile rollover before and for that reason saves body from severe injuries.

Unique included in this may be the air bag that provides mind protection because it comes upward in the window ledge and provides protection with side airbags.

Another introduction may be the rear chair air bags most of the automotive majors are actually available as optional safety accessory.

Now even air bags are ready to introduce for 2 wheeler industry.

For its different benefits we expect this security concept to obtain increase in order to save throughout side and rollover collisions.

Therefore may be the elevated demand in automotive textile fiber which relates straight to the applying.

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