Authors – Never Believe In Word-Processor

I lately upgraded from MSOffice 2003 to 2007 – that ought to happen to be not so difficult. But apart from numerous changes towards the feel and look of methods Word works there have been some surprising and uncomfortable file conversion encounters. The “Master Document” (MD) in my 620 page book didn’t convert correctly – actually the MD got trashed and all sorts of files that composed it (together with 12 hrs of editing) literally disappeared. There’s a “happy” ending – I retrieved my files – however it require me to pay per week of lost production and a lot of lost sleep to get it done. This Is What Happened: Apparently Word clogged in the center of “transforming” my document files in the 2003 towards the 2007 data format and thus left my files with unrecognizable names (for example 813BE9D8.docx or 657DA10F.tmp). However the real kicker is the fact that these files ended up inside a ‘hidden system folder’ which could simply be seen or utilized via (Start


“%userprofile%Local SettingsTemporary Internet FilesContent.MSO”) you beyond the above string – with no quotes – in to the “Run” command striking OK (if you work with Home windows XP). After that you should use Word to spread out the *.docx files but you need to pressure Word to spread out the *.tmp files so that you can see what’s in all of them. I moved each one of these files to a different folder and started the renaming and sorting procedure for getting my document files back some 70 of these. Because of the ‘time stamp’ on each file I labored backwards in the latest towards the earliest as a few of these files were saved more often than once and that i wanted to recuperate the files using the latest revisions. So, that’s my cautionary tale. Never trust a thing processor to perform a “man’s” job. I ought to have converted each file after which built a brand new MD file within the new MSWord-2007 format after which placed each one of the files in my book. In attempting to “save your timeInch and having faith in MSWord to become wise enough to deal with it – I lost a week’s price of sleep and almost lost my entire book manuscript. You ought to always back-up the work they do Prior to doing anything new, just like a data format conversion – that we did. However when MSWord fooled me into thinking that everything was OK I ongoing editing for 12 hrs before I saved and closed the MD. It had not been until the following day after i reopened the MD which i learned that something choose to go terribly wrong and all sorts of my documents were gone. The lesson here’s that certain can’t ever be too careful, about protecting the work they do and Body can’t ever ‘trust’ your word-processor farther than you are able to toss an Vehicle. Honk! if you think my discomfort…

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