At 300 Meiling Finish Changhong Air Yingge back share of the market – Meiling buy Changhong ac

Meiling bid Changhong air assets to accomplish change of economic registration

> Nokia Apple pinch bring disaster towards the wise phone market mutual balance of energy r

> Tianjin LG under your own accord remembering 98,000 portable dehumidifier

> German Metro to spread out the very first in Shanghai appliance store

> Hong Kong Laser purchase a cell phone repair center might be came back within the major Suning

News Focus

Meiling 394 million share stake in Changhong air assets had completed

Abstract: Meiling evening of four The month of january 2010 released a bulletin Changhong Ac, and Zhongshan Changhong shares moved within the change of economic registration were completed in December 25, 2009 and December 31, 2009 completed it following the completing this change in possession, Meiling 100% equity interest held by Changhong ac and Zhongshan Changhong 90% stake. Detailed


BD Blu-ray Blu-ray gain another victory over difficulties and the best-selling expansion in China

Abstract: ” Blu-ray BD the most challenging days are gone. “December 2009 Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) Chairman from the Number of China Zhao Keishi ahead of time Shenzhen When such feelings, The new sony, Philips, Panasonic along with other producers are starting Blu-ray BD internal grasp Washer . The brand new Division, TCL, China brought Blu-ray (CBHD) camping already plotting to show over play, vowed to contest the initiative with BD in their own individual hands. Detailed

TV rose to 7,000 on home appliances towards the countryside to say the cost-cap

In Conclusion : Lately, the Secretary of state for Finance official website introduced Buying home appliances An additional increase in the cost-cap program, the cost of color Televisions in the original 3,500 yuan rose as 7,000 Refrigerator Rose from 2,500 yuan 4,000 yuan so. Home appliances towards the countryside whilst broadened the scope of application: from The month of january 1, 2010, the condition-possessed farm, forest employees in to the scope of home home appliances towards the countryside guidelines. Detailed

Guangdong expects to create aside high-quality household home appliances producers TM to subsidy obligations

Abstract: Benefit home appliances TM to Policy, domestic heating appliance market consumption considerably. Official information in the Secretary of state for Commerce, in August this past year because the implementation of TM to you use nine pilot provinces and cities Sell Five new type of appliance 3.602 million models, sales of 14.09 billion yuan, comprising sales of 5 kinds of home appliances species near to one third. Has confirmed the policy of home home appliances TM to trial in May of the year following the finish of the nation still implement, which Guangdong continues to apply a minimum of four to five years. Additionally, exclusive reporter was informed that complaints against negligence the TM to market corporate “subsidies hard collar”, Guangdong Province expects to “a good credit score status, with bigger scale winning sales enterprise” funds put aside area of the subsidy, while faster subsidy funds payment schedule to lessen the responsibility of promoting companies overall national strength.

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