Ariel Sharon Go back to the Temple Mount!

Dear PM Ariel Sharon:

When you are greatly aware, Lubavitcher rabbis given to a legal court of High Paradise a petition against you, signed, sealed and shipped. You’ve incensed the truly amazing G-d within the Greatest Paradise and the servants together with your stench of unfaithfulness, despising your scriptural birthright and inheritance and indicating a readiness to transfer Jews for any g-dless peace which will only invite bloody German-Jesuit EU intervention and disaster for British-Israelites and Jews worldwide! !

Online resources the World empowered you to definitely become pm of His Homeland and required you against your ranch within the Negev to assist shepherd His People as well as your brethren and safeguard them in the many baby wolves within and with no Holy Land. Rather you’ve been top quality as you who’d dismember our Mother (Israel) and dismantle the Temple (Jerusalem and also the Temple Mount) by using the blind leadership of Leader George W. Rose bush together with his guide that seeks to discard the scriptural blueprint for any just and lasting solution for peace in the centre East!

You had been compensated together with your position as leader of Judah, sanctified in the day you place feet upon G-d’s Holy Mountain and reminded the world of their supreme importance. You had been to apply your G-d given energy and influence like a Chariot/Tank of G-d to rollover and crush the opponents of G-d and Israel fearlessly, such as the Warrior-King David fought against the battles from the L-RD! You had been to strike terror in to the wicked heart of Amalek and faithfully destroy every threat towards the Land and individuals of Israel (Zech. 12:6) with G-d as the fiery shield! (Zech. 12:6).

Simply because you are not religious does not mean the truly amazing G-d from the Hebrews can’t use you to definitely help fulfill His plans and purpose for Jerusalem and Israel. You ought to have became a member of hands together with your British-Israelite brethen, and urged these to absolutely defeat our common terrorist enemies! (Zech. 9:13). G-D Might Have Fortunate Your Time And Efforts!

You are able to redeem yourself, save your valuable skin and salvation! How? Go Back To THE TEMPLE MOUNT THAT EMPOWERED YOU! Clearly stake Israeli sovereignty regarding this in no uncertain terms, tossing lower the wicked Nazi Wakf from Judaism’s holiest site, just like the Romans kicked out the corrupt Sanhedrin in the noble enclosure!

Make aliyah to Har HaBayit with Gershon Salomon, Chaim Richman, Rav Ariel along with other males of G-d and pray for Israel’s deliverance and receive it! Only then would these rabbis letter be came back to sender, marked null and void. This chance a person can have is yours for that asking. It is your responsibility. Are you going to!

Shema Ariel Sharon: Choose existence and live and succeed!

For Zion’s Sake,

David Ben-Ariel

This open letter to Ariel Sharon was initially released This summer 7, 2004 by BLOG-EDS

David Ben-Ariel is really a Christian-Zionist author in Ohio and author of Having a concentrate on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others enhance their knowledge of that troubled region. Take a look at

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