Are You Currently Religious Bigot Go ahead and take Quiz!

This quiz is perfect for fun, and even though a few of the questions could make you stop and think, do not be upset by them when they hit too near to home. Oh, and anticipate to laugh at your little.

Within this three part quiz, look into the solutions that many carefully correspond with your feelings, and become honest on your own. It is good to from time to time see where we actually are regarding our religious behavior.

Keep an eye on your solutions and also at the finish from the quiz you will see a scorecard. Are you going to fall under the course of “You’re a full fledged Bigot!” Or possibly “Very unbiased!Inch Or possibly somewhere among. Best of luck – enjoy yourself!

Part I

1. How can you experience Catholics? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

2. How can you experience Jews? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

3. How can you experience Muslims? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

4. How can you experience Evangelical Baptists? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

5. How can you experience Mormons? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

6. How can you experience Jehovah Witnesses? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

7. How can you experience Hindus? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

8. How can you experience Buddhists? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

9. How can you experience New Agers? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

10. How can you experience Wicca? A. Friendly B. Neutral C. Unfriendly D. They scare me to dying!

Part II

1. Your unique religious dogma: A. Is universal to any or all religions B. Could be relevant to just about all religions C. Only relevant to some couple of religions D. May be the only true word, other religions are false

2. Your Holy Book is: A. An accumulation of religious misconceptions and stories that need considering although not blindly stuck to B. An accumulation of accurate historic details recorded by gifted males along with a guide for living C. Entirely compiled by a prophet or prophets of God that ought to be adopted metaphorically D. Compiled by the hands of God to become taken literally sentence after sentence, other books are false

3. Your religion includes individual practice (prayer, meditation, good works, etc.) in what percentage? A. 90% B. 50% C. 25% D. 10%

4. You follow your Holy Book what number of time? A. 10% B. 25% C. 50% D. 100%

5. Your religion is belief based in what percentage? A. 10% B. 25% C. 50% D. one hundred percent

6. Your spiritual messiah is: A. An excellent teacher among lots who continues to be on the planet B. The only real truly enlightened being ever on the planet C. The only person able to saving the planet D. The only real true One, others are false prophets

7. Is it necessary to be an excellent person to get involved with paradise? A. Absolutely B. Very good, although not perfect C. Need to be good, but belief is much more important. D. All you need to do is believe with your life blood, apart from that, that which you do does not matter.

8. When your values be worn in your sleeve, including politics? A. Definitely not, it is a private affair B. It’s okay to speak just a little regarding your religion C. It ought to be spoken in regards to a lot D. Absolutely, constantly

9. Is the primary goal in existence, apart from your personal salvation, to transform others for your religion? A. Not whatsoever. I do not twist arms B. Not really a primary goal, but just a little C. I positively proselytize D. I mention my religion to everybody, in the majority of my conversations and social interactions

10. The amount of your Holy book includes accurate and truthful information? A. 50% B. 75% C. 90% D. 100%

Part III

1. I must begin to see the U.S. government run by people of just my belief: A. Definitely not, separation of chapel and condition is crucial B. It’s already this way, mostly C. Yes, only then do we could be happy D. Absolutely. People apart from my belief ruin government

2. My attitude toward god is: A. You never know for several? B. You will find many Gods C. You will find no Gods D. Only my God is truth, others are false

3. My religion is the only person that God favors: A. Absurd, even when there’s a God B. Unsure C. Good likelihood D. It’s apparent that God favors my religion most importantly others

4. My belief is dependant on what my parents thought: A. No B. Yes, however i have thought it personally C. Yes, and they’re right D. What my parents thought is truth, other religions are false

5. I consider and then try to understand other religious viewpoints A. Constantly B. Sometimes, to obtain new ideas C. Simply to observe how false they are really D. Definitely not, works from the demon

6. If my children married outdoors of my religion, I’d: A. Celebrate together obviously. B. Attempt to talk them from it C. Disown them D. My children know better. It might never happen

7. Could I really like my neighbor who’s of the different religion: A. Obviously, they’re people much like me B. I’d try but most likely not C. Difficult D. I’d move

8. Mine may be the true religion: A. No, it is just smart in my experience, and that is enough B. Maybe C. Most likely D. Yes, others range from demon

9. Exactly why is my religion better than others? A. It isn’t B. It can make better people C. I simply feel it within my heart D. It is the true word from the only God

10. In my opinion this quiz was: A. Very fair and fun B. Intriguing and something to think about C. Less than fair D. A conspiracy against my religion

Okay, congratulations! After you are finished. How have you score? Count 4 points for each A answer, 3 for each B answer, 2 for each C answer, and 1 for each D answer. Total them up and find out the way you did:

30-50 points: You’re a full fledged Bigot 51 to 70 points: You’re going after a complete fledged Bigot 71 to 90 points: You’re a closet bigot 91 to 110 points: You may be slightly bigoted 111 to 120 points: You’re very unbiased

E. Raymond Rock (anagarika addie) is really a meditation teacher at:

and author of -Annually to Enlightenment:

His 3 decades of meditation experience has had him across four continents including two stopovers in Thailand where he practiced within the remote northeast forests being an ordained Theravada Buddhist monk.

He livedatWatPah Nanachat under AjahnChah, at WatPah Baan Taad under AjahnMaha Boowa,and also at Wat Pah Daan Wi Weg under Ajahn Tui. He was really a postulant at ShastaAbbey,a Zen Buddhist monastery in northern California under RoshiKennett along with a Theravada Buddhist anagarikaat both AmaravatiMonastery within the United kingdom and BodhinyanaramaMonastery in Nz, both under AjahnSumedho.The writer has meditated using the Korean MasterSuengSahnSunim with BhanteGunaratana in the Bhavana Society in West Virginia along with the Tibetan Master TrungpaRinpoche in Boulder, Colorado. He’s also practiced in the InsightMeditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, and also the ZenCenterin Bay Area.

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