Are LG Maintaining using the Joneses

Everybody else within the mobile industry seems to do OK. Apple and Samsung are extremely leading the pile if this involves flagship mobile phone models, Nokia are large otherwise on the planet and Motorola are just purchased by Google and also have a lot of new fancy cell phones around the factory line. But LG haven’t really handled to drag off any major coups recently, and appear to become hanging around the coattails.

Their latest cell phone may be the LG Optimus L9. This will probably be the brand new flagship model to exchange the L7 within the Optimus series, and that i desired to have a closer turn to see if it’s yet another -hanger on-.

To begin with, the display size. The majority of the top mobile phone models (apple iphone 5 excluded) have 4.7 inch plus screen dimensions. It is because they could show more details at the same time, that is what individuals want. Most producers have exercised that individuals use two hands to browse on their own phones – and never one, such as the new Apple adverts show. This can be a plus, however it is not anything innovative.

Next, the processor. Dual core 1GHz. That is not excellent. It’s OK, but for the cost that LG is going to be charging, I’d imagine many people may have little to complain about, but I am not inspired. A gig of RAM is nice, along with a 5mp camera is suitable, but where’s the interesting stuff? Even Nokia launched a telephone having a 41 megapixel camera which had me interested, and they are only popular nowadays since the second hands marketplace is their bread and butter.

I visit a phone that’s hanging onto the development of others, similar to the entire LG cell phone business. They will not budge, and who are able to blame them? Their cost-cutting strategy works best for them. They offer what everybody else sells but simply in a lower cost.

Without doubt individuals will purchase it. I can not recall any friend however which has an LG phone, however the amounts also .. Most is going to be locked to systems and require unleashing. However I are only able to think the individuals who do buy this phone are individuals which are searching to visit, and don’t wish to have a mega costly phone together. This is when becomes a significant positive thing to complete.

But anybody searching to possess the telephone his or her stand-alone will apt to be bored to dying within a few minutes. It begins, it calls, it texts, very little else.

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