Are From Body Encounters Safe Warning! Learn the reality regarding Astral Travel Safety

In the following paragraphs we will discuss the idea of safety, and also the from body experience. Why? It’s really fairly simple! With the much “bad” information available concerning the paranormal paths in to the unknown, so many people are really scared of going through the astral area due to hearing it’s harmful……or maybe more absurd, can result in dying!

Ok….so might be OBE’s really safe, or should i be cautious?

The reality? I have never heard ONE trustworthy story someone complain about getting an authentic problem throughout an OBE which was truly harmful. Have I heard people tell “suspicious” tales about dangers they have experienced while from their physiques? Absolutely. Will I believe these were REALLY at risk? No, I truly do not.

Are you able to meet harmful creatures or organizations whilst in the astral area?

This can be a very hard question to reply to with complete honesty and intellectual integrity. Why? Well, I am a firm believer within the OBE experience, have experienced a lot of my very own, and do think that the “soul” is definitely outside of the physical body. However I also think that a lot of what we should experience of the astral area is really a consequence of mind, or subjective ideas, ideas, fears and philosophies our built by our personas. Therefore – any “frightening” animals which are seen are really, in my opinion, created by our very own creativeness, much more than as being a genuine threat to the safety.

Do all OBE scientists share this philosophy?

Really, no….they do not! Some of the most famous authors and instructors from the OBE and astral area DO think that you will find creatures, organizations and existence forms that you’ll encounter, that are actually real…and also you must come around these to avoid getting any problem. Yet, even here, I have not heard a decent teacher declare that anybody has died….or disappeared as a result of an OBE, or experience they have been on the astral area whatsoever.

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