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Registry National Health Card going to be out in June ANS confuse some things with regards to the imperative National Health Card (CNS) for danger care SUS from today (1) by health plans in the fifth June. – No beneficiary of the health plan might have confounded your care from companies of services otherwise owning the CNS. Likewise, no conferree can their very own physical care canceled because of the abundance from the estimate from the CNS – The operators of health plans must are accountable to the NSA the accent of receivers from the CNS, as foreseen in Normative Analysis No. 250 of 2011. The Secretary of state for Health insurance and ANS can create computerized media to facilitate operators to really make the record within the register of receivers from the CNS. The date around the RN 250 for dispatching this post is 05/06/2012. However, up to now is susceptible to change – Using the CNS by all Brazilian people is really a cunning to integrate the records from the NHS and healthcare companies. For people, the amount of CNS allow electronic filing only within the databases of private and public hospitals and health plans.

Policy is really a cache targeted whatsoever segments from the assurance market, brokers, , insurance companies, reinsurers, insurance technical, sector organizations, , risk managers and firms absorbed within the insurance segment of the nation in ’09, the entire publication 14 years. s.

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