Architecture and House Plans for Mrs. Lakshmi, Bangalore, India by Architect Ashwin Ananth

Architecture and House Plans for Mrs. Lakshmi, Bangalore >

Architecture and Interior Planning by Architect. Ashwin Ananth from Bangalore.

Residential home created for Mrs. Lakshmi, Bangalore

Client’s background:

Group of 3, composed of self, husband & daughter.

Well educated, knowledgeable and broadly traveled. Husband as being a professor at IIM and Mrs. Lakshmi as being a school teacher within the famous Delhi Public School.

Very social by character getting strong familial ties

Architecture and interior planning of the home plan to make thinking about frequent inflow of buddies & relatives

Yet provide each member of the family private space to wind down to pursue their very own interests

Client’s needs:

A modern day home design with new architectural concepts

Attached bath, sit-outs, barbecue space and servant’s living unit

A 3 bed room duplex residence with attached study for his or her daughter’s room

The Architect’s challenges:

South Facing site of size 40′ x 50′

Narrow access road appearing restrictions to visibility of the house

Massive houses more than 30′ height all around the plot on east, north & west

Close closeness of northern and eastern neighbors needing wise design strategy

Architecture and house plan faade design to become according to Vaastu

Concepts of Vaastu Shastra:

Vastu Shastra(vastu sastra, alsoVastu Veda, “scienceof construction”, “architecture”) is really a traditionalHindusystem ofdesignbased ondirectionalalignments. It’s mainly applied inHindu architecture, especially forHindu temples, even though it covers other programs, including poetry, dance, sculpture, etc. The building blocks of Vastu is typically related towards the mythical sageMamuni Mayan. While Vastu had lengthy been basically limited to temple architecture, there’s been a revival in India in recent decades, particularly drunk ofV. Ganapati SthapatiofChennai,Tamil Nadu(b. 1927), that has been campaigning for any restoration from the tradition in modern Indian society because the sixties.


Here are a few prominent vaastu recommendations:

Vastu for kitchen: Right place may be the south-east corner or perhaps an alternative may be the north-west corner

Vastu for Bed room: The best direction to create your master suite is on south-west

Vastu for Bathroom: The very best place for bathroom may be the eastern area of the home.

General vastu tips:

Design house to confess vibrant light in to the primary entrance

Plan house to permit 5 doorways with maximum opening

Keep corners of the house vibrant

Design bed room where wind blows from south to west

Home windows should open out

House architecture and fashions to prevent: oblong, circular, or triangular

House will not be disturbed by obstructive structures

The designed this house layout to effectively incorporate each one of these challenges and needs from the client. The color plan was played around with with because it was discovered too drastic with this architect’s comfort around the model itself. However, the architect and the team showed up by the end that since the model was very crude, the colours weren’t harmoniously.Therefore, special care was taken during the time of plastering to obtain exact plumb levels, true walls & perfect right angles & edges because the faade relied heavily on the ability of the masons.

It is really an architectural design carried out to the minutest particulars. And needles to state, the brand new home and residence of Mrs. Lakshmi looks fabulous.

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