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HTC has become upgrading and supplying marketing system phones with home windows phone 8 and and a few of the particulars around three new releases of HTC 8 S, HTC 8X and HTC 8 S have finally leaked on the internet.


These mobile phones have a similar quality as Android have. With unified selection of Android mobile phones using the one X, One S, and something V the HTC could introduced three sleek mobile systems hosting the following Microsoft Home windows 8.

The 8X was created and full of a 4.7-inch Super LCD2 screen with HD getting 1280 x 720 resolution. Available too with dual core Snapdragon S4 processor, NFC, eight megapixel camera and powerful support in addition to radios for 42 Megabyte per second HSPA network operation.

The 8S will sports single.5 GHZ dual-core Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 processor and featured having a slightly more compact and 4.3-inch Super LCD screen using the sleek HD resolution. Advanced eight-megapixel camera and eight to 16 GB storage capacity with micro Sdcard support and also the same network compatibility should you talk when it comes to radio.

The 8 V is superbly packed track of the littlest screen and 4-inch display of all with WVGA resolution. Powered track of dual-core Snapdragon S4 MSM8227 processor assisted by 512 Megabytes of RAM. The imaging is really a five-megapixel camera’s responsibility which are required to become suitable for 14.4 Megabyte per second HSPA systems.

It’s reported the HTC 8 S is going to be coming soon.The HTC 8X will be a flagship the unit that is then the HTC 8S and also the HTC 8 V. The C620e pointed out or HTC accord will be put into the midrange device potentially to become known as as HTC 8 S. This product is probably is going to be their flagship device for HTC’s Home windows Phone 8 series. With HD Super LCD screen calculating 4.7 inches, the most recent model, the HTC 8X is going to be direct competitive to Lumina 920 and Samsung Ativ S.

Obtain a WP8 device look out using the latest Samsung ATIV S and Nokia Lumina 920 and Lumina 820. Th complete household is stated to develop HTC 8 moniker and can follow all of the naming conventions from the letters within the Android-powered family. The flagship device is going to be referred to as HTC 8X, 8 S , the mid-range Accord, and finally the basic level Rio is going to be named HTC 8V. The 8 X and eight S are greatly similar when it comes to specs and save for that NFC support with bigger screen around the former. You will find whispers additionally that HTC 8X Zenith is slightly low-specced HTC 8S Accord and also the beginning level (low-spec) HTC 8 V Rio.Enjoy these latest HTC 8 X, 8S and 8V WordPress 8 Products that will amazed you using its exciting features.

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