Appreciation on French Impressionism Artist Claude Monet

November 14, 1840-December 5, 1926), French artist, he’s representative personage and among the founders of Impressionism. Monet is among the most significant artists in France, impressionism theory and exercise encourages his style in large extent. Monet is expert in experimentation and carrying out light and shadow.

View in the generation and growth and development of Impressionism, the founder is going to be Edouard Manet apart from others. Nevertheless the one, who really realize Impressionism ideas and methods completely, is Monet. He spent his whole existence devoted to Impressionism, that has important effect on western art circle. The endeavor of Monet and also the number of artists brought by him, they broke the academism’s conservative ideas, and triggered a significant shock towards the official art which in fact had centered the western art circle in latter 1 / 2 of 1800s he opened up a brand new page for contemporary western art background and made an essential contribution, which created a valuable artistic wealth for future decades. Therefore we should state that Monet is the one that accomplished success earliest of all Impressionism artists. Even though the Fauvism, Cubism, ultra-realism which came later didn’t follow concepts founded by Impressionism, the founders of those arts had learned from Impressionism pretty much.

And to mention may be the philosophy and methods from the Impressionism, it targeted to base around the observation of reality, however, due to enthusiasm in explaining light and color, even make sure they are mystery, which results in a inclination neglecting realistic images. Monet once stated: when painting, you need to ignore what type of objects your vision have experienced, only think about a little square of blue, a little rectangular of pink, along with a small little bit of yellow. Therefore, the painter’s attention isn’t concentrate on the scene to become carried out, but around the effect produced through the space atmosphere, light, smoke, air flow round the scenery or perhaps in a particular condition, just restricted to the painter’s instant impression around the light within the scenery.

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