Ao Nang, Thailand’s Best All-round Beach Destination

Ao Nang, Thailand’s best all-round beach destination

Because of its convenient location within the Andaman Ocean and also to its fabulous topography and sporting possibilities, is right now perhaps Thailand’s best all-round beach destination.

The introduction of Thai beaches, like individuals around the world, follows a typical cycle. First they get discovered by hikers, to whom cheap beach-sheds are erected. Islands for example Koh Muk and still at this time, in which the island is really as pristine as anybody could want, but lacks the facilities which the majority of us don’t wish to do without.

The following stage happens when the designers relocate and make bars, luxury hotels, restaurants and malls. Many beaches get destroyed when over-development and also over-population leads to an unsupportable more than contaminants. But somewhere on the way there’s an optimal condition, where you will find enough facilities, but a still ecologically-sustainable tourist population. has become at this time and signifies, for most people, a perfect compromise from a pristine but boring resort along with a fun but polluted one. The southern 1 / 2 of the beach is not outlined with a road, however the town includes a wide enough selection of facilities, for instance 6 Italian restaurants, to help keep most site visitors happily occupied not less than a few days. is busy but has not lost that relaxed, friendly small-town feel it’s developed but nonetheless maintains a lot of its original beauty and charm.

is, together with Chiang Mai, certainly one of Thailand’s two most enjoyable adventure sports locations. The house of two best beaches in the world, , also is the very best tropical destination on the planet, is a quarter-hour away by boat. The town’s location around the eastern coast of Phang Nga bay puts it within easy achieve of all of the , and sites within the bay. Each day-visit to is the perfect method to go to the place than remaining there.

Further afield, a could be boarded only 3 hrs away in or Khao Lak and also the pristine islands of Trang province are just 3 hrs towards the south.

Whilst not as scenic as neighbouring (nowhere in the world is), has a great variety of accommodation, restaurants and all sorts of other tourist facilities you might need.

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