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Top Things you can do in Ao Nang, Thailand

1 Visit Railay

is just fifteen minutes away. There’s no pier at either finish from the journey so expect to access least your ft, most likely the knees and perhaps your bottom wet. Anything you do, don’t arrived at Ao Nang and never go and find out Railay.

2 Beaches

Beach: for any battery-charging day, while away an mid-day at or close to the tranquil Last Fisherman’s beach restaurant, then catch the sunset there. The broad beach occupies an attractive setting, presented through the huge limestone rock-face in the southern finish from the beach by a skyscraper-sized rock tower 500 metres off-shoreline. Good swimming and kayaking, no noise or cars, 11 open-air massage shops.

Nopparat Thara Beach is really a lengthy and attractive beach in the western tip of . Throughout low tide you are able to stick to the sand-crabs across a sandbar with a nearby rough limestone islands. The shallow water here causes it to be well suited for children, although not for skinny-sinking – it requires a very long time to obtain back from the water.

3 Island Hopping

is a superb base by which to go island-hopping in Phang Nga bay. The -Four-island Tour- visits Tup Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island and Phra Nang beach (which is not really a tropical, as it is area of the Railay peninsula). For those who have time then island-hop via Koh Hong to , then spend a few nights there. Request the travel company to incorporate a seaside bbq.

4 Trek

Hon Nah character trail is definitely an arduous trek to the top highest karst (limestone hill/mountain) in the region. In the top you will find breathtaking sights over , Krabi, Koh Hong Archipelago, Phang Nga bay and . It’s a steep 2 . 5 hour trek to the peak. Most trekkers will detour towards the karst’s sole waterfall, that provides forget about water than the usual budget hotel shower within the peak season, and can eventually awesome the trekker lower. The jungle here’s untouched, primeval rain-forest, with huge trees, flowers and exotic creatures. This trek, that is not around the tourist map, is suggested for fit trekkers or fairly unfit trekkers having a determined character, although not for that very unfit. For any much simpler trek, go ahead and take boat to .

5 Seafood

offers Thailand’s only truly which, although an unforgettable experience, can also be an costly one. For individuals who’ve only fairly deep pockets or who’re travelling using their families, Ao Nang is becoming, because the arrival of monster seafood at , Thailand’s best destination.

Only 4km in the town is Ao Nang Fishing Park and Sea food Restaurant. The park is situated within the region’s most pristine areas, nestling between towering karsts within an oasis of silence. Although missing monster seafood, you will find plenty of tasty snapper and grouper, that the chef will get it ready in almost any style you want. Take along your non-angling partner for any blissful afternoon’s peace in your lakeside hut within an very relaxing setting.

Most likely the most enjoyable ocean-fishing trip in Thailand is really a boat charter from Ao Nang into Phang Nga bay. Although you most likely will not catch anything really huge, this is a great method to tour the stunning marine scenery from the bay. Additionally a great day trip for non-angling family people, who are able to snorkel from the crowds. Request for any sunset beach bbq on the deserted island to become incorporated within the cost.

6 Mountain Climbing

Climbing on nearby world-famous crags could be arranged through Ao Nang agencies, who’ll arrange transfers so that as much climbing as the braches are designed for.

7 Diving

Ao Nang’s ideal location puts it within easy selection of the biggest quantity of sites associated with a destination in Thailand. Sites visited daily range from the , , . It is also easy to have a eventually speedboat safari to , for the opportunity to see whale sharks and manta sun rays, in order to perform some spectacular cavern diving in the 5 islands of . Speed motorboats are, however, not probably the most comfortable method to travel unless of course the ocean is extremely calm, and there might be problems finding shade. A few of the popular dive sites may become very crowded within the peak season.

8 Kayaking

Railay Sunset Paddle. Paddle within the awesome from the late mid-day round the towering coves that cut Railay removed from Ao Nang. Following a dip around the fabulous Phra Nang beach along with the sunset turning heaven right into a blaze of colour, paddle to waiting tables on West Railay beach. After dinner, for those who have loved a bit an excessive amount of food and do not fancy anymore exercise, have a longtail boat to Ao Nang. It’s worth waiting some time longer for the food to visit lower, though, because the paddle to Ao Nang is frequently memorable: on moonlit nights the eco-friendly fire of bioluminescence blazes within the water at each paddle stroke.

The fabulous Northern Krabi coast kayak sites are accessible from Ao Nang. Make it happen by paddle energy or from your travel company loading the kayaks onto a lengthy-tail boat. Until quite lately, the shoreline near Ao Nang was among the best stored secrets within the kingdom. While and also the western reaches of have for a long time been well-known, the eastern and nearly as spectacular area of the bay rarely saw just one soul. You will find now two new locations around the paddling circuit, both readily available from Ao Nang: Ao Thalane and Bor Thor.

9 Evening Existence

You will find two girly bars walkways in Ao Nang, but they’re fairly well-hidden and therefore inoffensive. More youthful site visitors will love trembling their stuff in the Luna Beach Bar, which will get making the rounds 1 am. The clientele in the Ibark evening-club is principally Thai – an excellent spot for a dance: the cheer-leader-like coyote women appear to become taking pleasure in themselves.

10 Spend Fossil Beach

Seven kms west of Ao Nang, this mildly trap-like tourist attraction includes slates of compressed 40 million years old seafood. These bear a passing resemblance to concrete, and therefore are about as inspiring. The little museum is a little grubby, however the type of gift shops are very well worth looking at for that very economical gem items. Entry is 200 Baht for people from other countries, only 20 Baht for Thais. If having to pay ten occasions just as much appears a little step, maybe keep in mind that you most likely earn about ten occasions exactly what the average Thai does.

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