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Kitchen Worldwide trends conference around the 15th morning in Beijing New Century Hotel Shanghai Office occured. Conference, in the U . s . States the earth’s best hot water heater manufacturer AO Cruz and leaders released a unique created for Chinese customers Kim Kyu-care system. The machine from the invention reduced the problem hot water heater industry 67 many years of lengthy-standing problem?? Heating rods scaling problems, triggered common concern from people outdoors the. .

Current status and development industry to artistically solve technical problems

Kitchen industry in China is really a quickly growing territory. Recently, sales of kitchen items in China is 35% annual rate to increase quickly within the next 5 years, sales will achieve nearly 100-200 million each year kitchen items has turned into a hot consumer goods around the domestic market and also to motivate industry’s rapid economic development. Meanwhile, with rising living standards, the face area of consumer tastes and demands a greater, common Kitchen equipment is becoming thin and weak, the pursuit of top quality, energy conservation, humane, eco oriented design, be a Kitchen items the brand new needs.

AO Cruz electric hot water heater R & D Kim Kyu-care system, it ought to be which set of kitchen items, high-quality, humane, environment protection, pursuit. Much more good is the fact that Kim Kyu-care system, the invention of the breakthrough means to fix the hot water heater industry to build up a worldwide problem?? Heating rods scaling problems, triggered common concern from people outdoors the.

Heater hot water heater scale continues to be the industry’s technical problems. Heater scale, it’ll greatly extend water heater’s heating time, elevated discovered another means to customers the extra financial burden while making lining simple to damage, reduce using safety factors. Presently, the planet within the hot water heater industry to resolve the scaling issue in the program heating rods, frequently within the inlet finish of increases in water softener unit to lessen the calcium in the water ions, however the water softener unit price is excessive, only a small amount of commercial items as well as for high-finish large industrial central heating boilers.

To resolve this issue, AO Cruz hot water heater company has invested heavily in China, a large number of scientists through lots of discussion and experimental demonstration, it required a lot more than three years, finally reduced the problem the worldwide problem recently, as Customers created a safer, more energy-efficient, stronger hot water heater “Kim Kyu-care system” electric hot water heater.

Concentrate on R & D intensive care lining from Kim Kyu Kim Kyu-care system towards the technology

Based on technical experts, Kim Kyu-care product is a brand new hot water heater protection technology, the patent Kim Kyu-care lining, Kim Kyu-care Heater, lengthy effective mixture of science constitute the anode fishing rod. Kim Kyu-care product is mainly impacted by AO Cruz has nearly 70-year-old patent Kim Kyu-care lining (patent number: (USA) 09/686, 288) born of inspiration. Kim Kyu-care lining may be the core of AO Cruz patented technology that utilizes specifically Kim Kyu coating, after 870 degree hot temperature sintering. six decades of consumer utilization of proven, Kim Kyu-care lining with superior corrosion potential to deal with scale capacity within the U . s . States has produced a hot water heater using 52 many years of industry miracle. Kim Kyu-our prime performance films to AO Smith’s R & D staff continues to be exploring methods to expand its scope of application, after many years of research, has finally damaged with the technical bottleneck developed Kim Kyu-care Heater. It’s with AO Smith’s proprietary breakthrough technologies and techniques, coupled with more appropriate for heating fishing rod made special alloy materials, combined with enhanced adhesion and warmth resistance having a strong gold coating from the perfect mixture of Guyana, solve a lot of heating rods scaling issue in the industry index test, one of the better indications from the primary data.

AO Cruz in Wisconsin because the 1874 beginning, has experienced 130 many years of development history, has gathered wealthy experience and advanced product technology. Kim Kyu-care in the bladder to Kim Kyu-care system, technology development, this is because AO Cruz 130 years to pay attention to technology research and development. Because the establishment from the U . s . States in 1929, the very first research and development facilities from, AO Cruz is centered on the making of research centers, research centers concentrate on the strength of material scientists. Presently, AO Cruz has three of their global R & D centers setup global R & D center in China, the outcomes of their first issue is to resolve the industry’s Kim Kyu-care system.

Emerging technologies to advertise the seem development of the profession At the moment, China Kitchen & Bath Industry many brands, the marketplace progressively competitive, difficult to distinguish negative and positive items. Kim Kyu-care system, the development of the electrical hot water heater market is certain to a current product technologies possess some impact, to advertise technology innovation and development of the profession, to ensure that the seem growth and development of industry trends. Kim Kyu-care system, the development of the customers generally is going to be cost-effective items and much more comfortable to savor the warm water.

Kim Kyu-care system developed, is AO Cruz follow consumer demand, the outcomes of ongoing research. AO Smith’s tireless quest for technology and research and development, actually, is really a consumer demand, through technology to increase meet customer demand, china and global customers to savor much more comfortable living water.

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