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In ’09, the most recent round of National Buying home appliances Hot water heater Project Tender results bulletins, AO Cruz integrated heater number 1 category within the effective performance of 10 models. AO Cruz (China) Hot Water Heater Co., DING Wei, gm, stated using the completing the 3rd phase expansion, AO Smith’s production scale in China will double again based on Phase II, 200 million models of recent capacity will Home Home appliances Rural areas, driven by effective release.

“AO Cruz home appliances towards the countryside available on the market prospects are extremely confident.” DING Wei told Xinhua within an interview. Based on him, AO Cruz, the present capacity of just one million models this season, three plant put in operation, the size of production will double to 200 million models, meaning companies can release the double ability to meet market demand. .

“We don’t be worried about past too far to provide, would be to begin production and purchasers as quickly as possible, to ensure that our items could be launched as quickly as possible.” He stated.

He stated by using the nation’s number of investment projects to grow domestic demand and household home appliances towards the countryside ground-depth implementation from the policy, household home appliances towards the countryside will greatly stimulate the rural market

Around the hot water heater items. “We’re fully cooperating using the Secretary of state for Commerce and other associated departments from the guidance, training, revenue for the following to create final formulations.”

It’s understood that through the finish of 2008, the Condition Council released a document, the hot water heater can also be incorporated within the scope of subsidies for home home appliances towards the countryside, the tender needs, the pilot compared to 2007 when tighter, from product energy efficiency, product performance and quality, the purchase cost, after purchase Service , Safety and saving facets of a greater requirement of businesses.

“Well-integrated brand awareness, cost-effective and designed particularly for consumer items in rural comprehensive advantages, is AO Smith’s leading experts with the layers from the tender evaluation panel, using the greatest score from the final short-listed major home home appliances towards the countryside cause. “DING Wei stated.

Additionally, knowledge of the marketplace 34 AO Cruz can also be home home appliances towards the countryside within the second round from the core premise from the winning tender. “The key factor is business positioning of sales channels,” he stated that just before trial as soon as home home appliances towards the countryside, AO Cruz continues to be mixed up in medium and small around the “three, four market”. Around the local market and consumer research, AO Cruz, the rural consumer purchasing habits have first-hands data, and branding, funnel development, training, service, logistics, and acquired some experience.

Statistically, the 2008 AO Cruz storage-key in China Hot Water Heater 28.9% share of the market, continues to be continues to be the nation prior to the two, the very first foreign brand its China plant items happen to be released towards the U . s . States, Korea, Netherlands, Nz, South america, the center East along with other a large number of nations. “During the last ten years, AO Cruz, a lot more than 40% annual sales rate of growth, hot water heater items since the whole market.” DING Wei stated.

“Worldwide economic crisis coming initially from within the U . s . States, the headquarters ‘winter’, we stick to the ‘winter’, china company’s operating results will in the end be some interaction effects. Fortunately, we’ve china market still maintained growth momentum, Furthermore, the development is extremely rapid. ”

Experienced heavy deficits within the global economy, China’s household electrical home appliances towards the countryside guidelines to bolster its AO Cruz in China’s development strategy.

“‘Winter’ does not necessarily mean stagnation, do nothing at all and die,” DING Wei stated, “the following couple of several weeks will mark the standard hot water heater items around the off-season, however the appliance producers to create the countryside towards the hot water heater impact towards the off-months are not short. We’re also while using ‘winter’ within the organization, product, three facets of the entire funnel network upgrade. ”

It’s understood which more than 135 many years of multinational AO Cruz, found China in 1995 to 80.a million U.S. dollars of total purchase of Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Previously dozen years, AO Cruz, gathered purchase of China a lot more than 80.a million U.S. dollars.

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