Anxi County – China Party Laser Lights – Light Show Projector

Points of interest

Qing Shui Yan Temple in 2006

Qingshui Yan (Chinese: pinyin: Qingshui Yan) is really a mountain hosting a really large Buddhist temple.

China Tea Capital (Chinese: pinyin: Zhongguo Chadu) is really a large center devoted to featuring Anxi County’s famous tieguanyin tea.


The county executive, legislature and judiciary have been in Fengcheng Town (), along with the CPC and PSB branches.

Cities (, zhen)

The county runs 13 cities. Aside from the county chair, another 12 are:

Penglai ()

Hutou ()

Guanqiao ()

Jiandou ()

Chengxiang ()

Jingu ()

Longmen ()

Huqiu ()

Lutian ()

Gande ()

Kuidou ()

Xiping () – home from the original Tieguanyin rose bush

Townships (, xiang)

You will find 11:

Shangqing ()

Cannei ()

Bailai ()

Hushang ()

Daping ()

Longjuan ()

Changkeng ()

Lantian ()

Yanghua ()

Taozhou ()

Futian ()

Coordinates: 250324.01 1181121.01 / 25.0566694N 118.1891694E / 25.0566694 118.1891694

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County-level divisions of Fujian

Capital: Fuzhou


Metropolitan areas


Gulou District Taijiang District Cangshan District Mawei District Jin’an District FuqingCity ChangleCity Minhou County Lianjiang County Luoyuan County Minqing County Yongtai County Pingtan County


Yanping District ShaowuCity WuyishanCity Jian’ouCity JianyangCity Shunchang County Pucheng County Guangze County Songxi County Zhenghe County


Meilie District Sanyuan District Yong’anCity Mingxi County Qingliu County Ninghua County Datian County Youxi County Sha County Jiangle County Taining County Jianning County


Chengxiang District Hanjiang District Licheng District Xiuyu District Xianyou County


Licheng District Fengze District Luojiang District Quangang District Shishi City JinjiangCity Nan’anCity Hui’an County Anxi County Yongchun County Dehua County Kinmen County


Xiangcheng District Longwen District LonghaiCity Yunxiao County Zhangpu County Zhao’an County Changtai County Dongshan County Nanjing County Pinghe County Hua’an County


Xinluo District ZhangpingCity Changting County Yongding County Shanghang County Wuping County Liancheng County


Jiaocheng District Fu’anCity FudingCity Shouning County Xiapu County Zherong County Pingnan County Gutian County Zhouning County


Metropolitan areas


Siming District Haicang District Huli District Jimei District Tong’an District Xiang’an District

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