another three per capita is startled

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultEyes would be the window from the soul ,as well as don’t know hidden emotion ,therefore the heart feel fear, to look within the eyes of .

Chen Feng wiped out a couple ,they checked out ,and spend a lot time together ,love is definitely some ,even when not Chen Feng dish ,Chen Feng got her like a lady ,taste can alter ?However , is a great girl ,Chen Feng doesn to harm her ,so he was selected before murder ,initially, he might have done more subtle point ,even let Jingjing couldn murder !ButChen Feng made the decision to take a look ,make what she like don bully brother ,how one is !If you notice scared eyes ,Chen Feng is disappointed ,but additionally felt relieved ,such ,allow see, Chen Feng and she or he ,not within the same world ,neither is she will pay a person !ButChen Feng also hard to curb the inexplicable heart a sadness ,that’s a very long time to not be accepted ,unacceptable ,even ‘t be recognized his loneliness and sadness !This is he cares a lot about Chen Dong ,Ken Chen Dong to pay for the existence reason !Nowadays, only Chen Dong agreed with Chen Feng ,only Chen Dong Chen Feng ,Chen Dong only has not scared of Chen Feng ,and Chen Feng had two load !An individual ,regardless of who ,must get approval even their own identity ,existence is not sensible ,Chen Dong was Chen Feng this is of existence !ButChen Dong no more seems to be the sole one recognized Chen Feng !Bai Jingjing exhibited, eyes become very firm, goes aside of Chen Feng ,from his pocket and drawn out a whitened handkerchief ,required Chen Feng ,smiled: they don dirty ,brother ,I assist you to wipe both your hands .

An easy word, allow the Chen Feng spirit shock !The word and don’t need courage ,only need will Chen Feng as their own people ,recognized Chen Feng ,recognized him for which he’d done ,accept what he’s done !This isn’t what courage ,but a type of love ,an exciting inclusive ,would like to pay for all of the love !This love ,wasn’t just a little girl first awakening curiosity about the opposite gender !There’s no young girl hero worship !It’s the most sincere emotion ! Let alone ,don’t rub ,as lengthy because the Jingjing don don brother hands dirty ,not brother hands is definitely clean .

Chen Feng smile, heart finally made the decision ,while watching lady ,have to research ! I’ll only think others dirty don brother hands ,but never think don brother hands dirty . Bai Jingjing Chen Feng hands facing his face, that one action ,to ensure that Chen Feng gone to live in not capable of further increase .

Jingjing … … Don brother … … we’re here to kill ,not get anywhere just like netg ! Chen Dong depressing .Chen Feng hey smiled and stated: love is really a battleground ,my world always smoke ,gunfire licks the celebs .

Go ,I in 2 structures ,go . The immune system continues to be completely destroyed four Chen Dong ,around the two floor, found my very aggressive put game storage room, I very overbearing still lie on the overall game cartridge ,and never from the overall game .

See I ,additionally to body fat ,another three per capita is startled ! His face ,dare not look lower, Chen Feng and Chen Dongdou s brow ,God s dignified.And That I lay quietly in a game title like coffin chamber, startling is ,he isn’t his real face ,but the overall game additionally towards the closed eyes see no abnormal ,I doesn’t have nose !Another skew netbsp it appears ,the overall game has numerous local and real determined ,I the so-known as permanent harm ,not in the overall game of permanent injuries, is the reason for reality have a similar injuries !Therefore ,later on in the overall game should be pay more attention ! Chen Dong funnel .

Chen Feng is definitely an event !Think about the initial repair sunflower Hua siddhi ,cut but includes a 1 % possibility of leading to permanent damage !Imagine in the overall game of permanent injuries, if be aware of reality might be similarly no ,it may cut lower !Chen Dong is a vibrant silver s Jiaocoarse needle to Chen Fengdao : with acidity solution .

Alloy needle as well as your strength ,should have the ability to pierce his body . Chen Feng required the needle ,and didn’t oppose using special tools .Even if I arrogant also provide strong physical strength ,even more powerful than Chen Feng ,but actually to Chen Feng ,are only able to be considered a fate — dying !Chen Feng murder skill and energy, might not be I’m arrogant that regular people can contend ,consequently ,Chen Feng kill me very aggressive there might be no suspense !But Chen Feng still make use of the special tool, this really is him once the killer good habit : the very best the fastest and many secure way 100 % be certain that kill target ! Acidity option would be what ? The curious stares at Chen Feng at the disposal of vibrant silver s needleasked .

Chen Dongdao : I the deployment of special solvent ,the primary component is hexafluoroantimonate . Hexafluoroantimonate is exactly what? A 1 hundred million occasions more powerful than pure sulfuric acidity acidity .

t talk a lot ,body fat ,game bin clear glass door opens ,you hit a fist in the left R uunder. Chen Feng y i n smiled.The R u nexthit ,will immediate heartbeat h n1uan,general Chou twitch and can’t move ,plus acidity solvent ,Chen Feng I to melt gradually to dying ! Open .

Chen Feng started the overall game game Bin Bin, immediately from a beep beep beep seem the alarm ,the nutrient option would be constantly receded ,game bin glass cover also gradually open .

Chen Feng mouth with evil laugh ,the needle struck me in the abdomen above, Chen Feng pressure plus needle needle sharp ,anything unpredicted pierced my very aggressive abdominal ,acidity solution was injected I very aggressive body ,simultaneously, he was Chen Feng huge hit my very arrogant left underneath the two .

R u,under attack, I may be the immortal also live !I simply from the overall game ,the mind not react ,and also the thought of physical discomfort ,startled all eyes ,like individuals of lizards within the eye in front is really Chen Feng et al ,Haide binocular projection : you almost !How about you .

Ah !!! Body all of a sudden a clear, crisp discomfort makes me very arrogant mad scream !Chen Feng will rapidly into my arms , cover your ears ,don’t let her see also allow her to to not ,because next time ,you will see a horrifying pictures .

The Chen Dong deployment from the acidity solution ,solution having a constant flow of bloodstream ,where Rou is melting ,bone !This can be a slow or painful process ,a minimum of over fifty percent an hour or so of

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