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Animals Breeds Cattle Indian cattle breed in Sri Lanka – Sahiwal You will find couple of kinds of dairy cattles employed for milk production. Picking a cattle breed entirely rely on the weather condition in the area. European breeds are suggested for upcountry wet and intermediate zones, while Indian breeds are suggested for low country dry and intermediate zones. You will find also mix breeds for that low country wet zone. Cattle breeds for up country Ayrshire Friesian Jersey Australian Pushing Zebu (Synthetic breed) Cattle breeds for low country and mid country AFS Sindhi Sahiwal Tharparkar Domestic breeds If intensively handled, under environment relaxed condition, pure exotic or their crosses rich in bloodstream levels could be elevated during these environmental zones. Water Zoysia breeds Domestic water zoysia breed Showing water buffaloes are for draught and milk production. Local buffaloes produce low milk yield as well as in the rural sector they mainly stored for energy in grain cultivation to plough and harrow the fields. Introduced Indian breeds mostly are stored for milk production as well as for mix breeding with local buffaloes for improving. Large part of water zoysia milk can be used for curd and ghee production. Water zoysia meat is not so popular within Sri Lanka and it is legally banned for slaughter. Niliravi Murrah Surti Domestic zoysia Goat breeds Saanen- for milk production, suggested for upcountry Kottukachchi – for meat Jamnapari – for milk and meat Beetal – for milk and meat German Boer – meat Sri Lankan Boer (Germen Boer X Kottukachchiya / Jamnapari) – meat German fawn – milk Indiscrinate local crossbreds (local breed) – Meat Sheep breeds Jaffna Local Bikenary Bannur Red-colored Madras Dorset All above breeds are stored for meat. Present the couple of minor number found are crossbreds. Pig breeds local landrace / “small pigs” – extensively handled / Scavenging Exotic Breeds elevated about 4 decades ago Burkshire Yorkshire Large Black Blue Pigs Current day Exotic breeds Large Whitened Middle Whitened Landrace Duroc References ^ “Animals Statistics (Sri Lanka)”. . . Retrieved 2009-07-11. Groups: Animals

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