and Yu exhibited around the island

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult ! Tsing Yi boy all of a sudden eyes red-colored ,sorrowful ,you stated the mountain of flowers and that i don ,I enable you to request my teacher !Thanks.

Thanks. Shi Wenchang rapidly thanks .Tsing Yi scout a Dodge ,disappear .Before long ,the boy in the cave :Tsing Yi and Yu exhibited around the island ,don’t flower and fruit mountain .

However, you will go anywhere . Elsewhere? This is actually the only island nearby ,didn’t begin to see the other island ! Shi Wenchang didn’t comprehend the word .’ ~ ‘ !Do you consider I stated Yu Island refers back to the entire island ?Wrong wrong !I stated Yu Island ,along with you this little turtle ,used to be a floating island ,then drifted here ,set lower .

Our ft stand ,is Yu Island ,Yu Chau Island or island ,known as Yu Island ,but my teacher stated ,the area comes with Yuntai Mountain and Cangwu mountain ,the mountain of flowers and my teacher also heard, could it be right? Individuals apes themselves known as through the title ? Uh !To listen to you state that, there’s truth !Maybe this title is really the apes to out ! Shi Wenchang lengleleng ,tract .

‘ ~ ‘ !You decide to go and discover it !I request nothing !Remember to not bother !Also, the actual stated ,you this turtle ,so large difficult ,for those who have nutrients feeding it, rather than my master allow him to assist you to raise ,so bad it quality .

This ,this will not have others get it done ! Shi Wenchang khan .Because the box cannot be used after eight ,when it’s been a very long time to the fantasy world ,the song world may also never look for a day in paradise the continents or islands ,off yechon itself ,take a look to become mysterious turtle gone ,now usually nothing when whitened island are scared to be released ,lest expend the immortal gas .

The fairchild ! Four seas captain drill out and stated: would you accept disciples ? Collecting a disciple ? Tsing Yi scout lengleleng : I request the actual ! The sill is missing ,then walked back .

The actual stated , there exists a small industry ,land very few people ,but since find here ,may be the edge ,but when not lengthy ,long lasting Ren Yi, never yield regardless of reverses ,cannot achieve .

So close you began before, need to ensure you get little test . This to state !The your government you though test ! Four seas captain ,Tibetan wind Hei road .Tsing Yi boy chuckled : have a flower !The tortoise walked, putting it all as much as the area ! Not a problem !Ensure completing tasks ! Tibetan wind forced smile .

Tibetan wind make away sailing task joins Yu Zhouxian door ,this universal association not just offence, but heavy praise ,straight to the having the wind like a key raise object .

.. … Black Turtle and not able to part from in the cave, to the ocean .Shi Wenchang purchased it within the hold ,don’t trample around the shoreline Island good good mountain water ,and also the spirits from the dead a couple on Islands ,skipping nowhere island riding a swan within the mountain tops .

Begin to see the mountain tops an optimum ,peak smooth smooth ,peak wind round the clouds , the cloud may be the table . Yu Chau or tilt ,or Cangwu ,or ,may be the big island of hawaii portions thereof .People used to consult the entire from it .

What maui is known as what ,can actually not say ah ! The spirit of dying came to the conclusion . Then in Cangwu as well as in maui where ?Could it be right? It appears as though Yi nine hillsides ? In eight Q .

We flower and fruit mountain … … The spirit of dying road .Shi Wenchang. Shi Wenchang : around the !We designed a mistake problem !The Eastern Han Empire there’s not the issue ,as lengthy like a island ,discover the Huaguo Shan ,3, 000 monkey soldiers do than our a couple find considerably faster !We don to spend some time here to obtain the flower and fruit mountain ! The spirit of dying : rational !Next ,we still find within Cangwu ! Shi Wenchang : I ought to return to the Eastern Han Empire required the monkey military band around the island !Yes.

The spirit of dying : think about what ? Shi Wenchang : I’ll request the kid towards the eco-friendly !Take a look he’s nothing in route . … … On the easiest way ?No. Just with a perseverance inside break .

If must the key phrases ,just don ,I don !Think back and that he waste all of the previous efforts ! Tsing Yi boy solemnly ,serious tunnel . we know … … Shi Wenchang stated solemnly ,but thanks .

To Koh Tao in meditation .The Eastern Han Empire ,once the eight go back to god . Wipe !Thought what !As lengthy when i can proceed without rhyme or reason ! After hearing the monkey eight ,is eight story ,13 known as monkey .

You don !They’re human !Not one other features ,is really a flexible mind, mind more .I give them a call without rhyme or reason to some local smash ,rushed for any very long time avoid seeing harvest ,this type of factor ,really don’t possess a couple of people holds it lower ! Hou Dade patted the mind .

Wo eraser !Monkey Dade you once the monkey when too in to the play ! they people full-scale ! Monkey monkey brain . seedling shoot .Laughter . The poem is happening? The monkey military god all of a sudden way .

Monkey :could it be right? Was misleading clues ?Farmville frequently seems may be ,I’ve met many this type of task ,provide you with some clues ,allow you to feel baffled ,reached the final ,real use cues ,although not much, other cues ,are misleading ,are confused by sight ,thinking things .

The monkey jerk ,seems to possess had fooled bitter .The apes within the plume mountain recuperate and make up energy ,the relaxation from the last day, dumbfounded ,in the morning early each morning, visited the ocean ,sailing for the island direction in support .

This support is really a month, frequently and frequently have flattened in route ,I wish to quit, you need to be others convinced lower .Probably the most awesome persuasion is really a screenshot of evidence, even though the change is small ,but every day ,cellular the area comes with some small change .

Per month later ,they finally onto the beach .Once the Eastern Han Empire to Southern Song Empire once the island ,the area of Reiki is bigger, the area plant life is greater than a pinch water ,no water seepage towards the pinch could be !The apes around the island ,since the defendant is going to be home soon ,be filled with pleasure ,the relaxation inside a ,spread ,searching for flower and fruit mountain and go .

In eight selected a location around for some time, then visit a local topography ,vaguely similar to the Southern Song Empire ,when Yu Chau island .Therefore the memory from the path to the Eastern Han Empire ,Yu island line .

Towards the memory of black tortoise immortal gas throughput ,but could not discover the expected within the cave .Is going to be close to the wisteria flowers all take out again, searching limited to the area ,searching much like a rabbit hole then how big small hole ,eye .

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