An introduction to Rhin-O-Tuff Spiral Coil Inserters

Rhin-O-Tuff is famous through the niche for making the best and many durable binding machines available on the market. This is a short take a look at a few of their Spiral Coil inserters, which are rugged, durable, and simple to use.

1.Rhin-O-Tuff HD4170 Coil Inserter. The HD 4170 coil inserter features twelve inch, dual-energy paint rollers that permit simple and easy , accurate coil placing. You will find also indicators which help you select the best size coil for that thickness of book you’re dealing with. You may either make use of the HD 4170 like a stand alone unit, or attach it on any of the Rhino OD or HD machines. The HD can function with all of existing pitches and wire diameters, also it even has a handy holder for the crimping pliers.

2.Rhin-O-Tuff CI3000 Coil Inserter. Using its Lexan Guide, the CL3000 is a superb option for individuals who wish to place spiral coils which are of the bigger diameter on the regular or semi consistent basis. Especially skilled at placing coil that’s nine-sixteenths inch and bigger, the CL3000 may also cope with coil measures between six inches to thirty-six inches, and involves you outfitted having a mandrel system that’s ideal for use with longer coils, in addition to handy guides that will help you hold your document firmly in position.

3.Rhin-O-Tuff HD-E4100 Econ-O-Roll Coil Inserter. The HD-e4100 is extremely similar machine towards the HD4170. With Rhino’s unique (and actually patented) gripping curler dealing with the adjustable lower curler,you receive faster in addition to better insertion from the coil. The HD-e4100 may also either be utilized for a stand alone inserter or technology-not only together with any one of Rhino’s OD and HD punches. One great factor concerning the HD-E4100 may be the special package Rhino makes permitting you to definitely attach their EZ Book Former towards the machine’s front-end, helping you save a great deal of time when binding with longer coils.

4.Rhin-O-Tuff OD4300 Color Coil Inserter. The OD4300 is built to attach directly right side of Rhino’s Combo Binding Station OD4000 or OD4800 models. The patented Lexan guides make insertion simpler, which machine will easily bind books which are as much as and inch as well as an eighth thick using coil diameter as much as one inch along with a quarter. Especially made to make insertion of coils in bigger books simpler, the OD4300 is a superb option for bigger documents for example calendars. Installation towards the OD4000 or OD 4800 is simple while using two incorporated wing nuts.

5.Rhin-O-Tuff OD4100 12″ Coil Inserter. A cost-effective twelve inch electric coil inserter, the OD4100 is built to be utilized together using the OD4300 binding punch. You should use the OD4100 with coil that’s either 11″ or 36″ long, therefore it is a reasonably versatile machine for that cost. In a position to help your OD 4300 coil inserter to some twleve inch inserter too, now you can choose from using twelve or thirty-six inch coil when utilizing your OD4300.

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