An enormous amount of yin and Yang and also the world

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultIn eight an unbeliever ,interior and exterior home a couple of occasions ,import is really a small cave ,with no unusual places .

Only in by doing this ,it’s unusual .This cave should be certain to the Yin and yang .Must have a unique … … What problem ?In eight private chat when seven questions : where are you currently ?To hell ? Seven : just realize that within the hill ,don’t know where the mountain tops .

Can back .An enormous amount of yin and Yang and also the world disappeared .You want to ? Eight : towards the .I’m able to to sheol .It may transmit .How do you help you find ? Seven : we’re the south further south, even over several mountain scenery ,found the same .

.. … Discovery is same ,within the spirit of dying made several tests .Incorporated within the tree cut mark ,lower a hill, the tree isn’t marked ,to another hill, and mark .Also known as the ghost far away station a whistle ,one another before a couple of individuals to retain in sight ,row a quasi linear ,extended forward ,stretching towards the third hillsides ,first saw the final .

This seems to mean, I don’t know when, they’ve joined the circulation space in .Test isn’t over ,the Ghost Squad within the north-south direction in finish to finish ,discovered that you will find redundant forces ,started to increase on sides in the midpoint .

The ultimate factor side people somewhere hard smooth .By this time around ,1000’s from the ghost ,has created in to the form of a mix .Testing ongoing ,one vertical and something horizontal two team ,the column starts transverse East Road, east line longitudinally moves south .

The 2 teams alternate travel ,like two lines overall along with a mountainous area to do a full-range of checking .Eight thought it was, they always appreciate it with this interesting scan test .

Theoretically, as lengthy because the eight sitting on a waiting list ,eventually the thing is things checking north-south column ,or even the scan line .Eight all of a sudden became a member of ,they become large test in an exceedingly good reference .

Therefore ,once the seven needs, known as eight stand .Awaiting the ghost found him .Therefore ,quickly ,in seven found an incorrect .Through the trial, just participate in eight ,not just stand still works as a reference .

By seven ,the spirit of dying, Dragonlance 13 et al ,will also be within the mountain tops in certain locations ,like a reference .Their role would be to give freely ,the mobile checking forces local standard make ,for example a while and column member from the seven side after, then when he was second following the seven, implies that he’s been through a cycle .

Based on good sense ,since the column of people, saying the identical ,from first to last ,retain in step marching condition .Then when the people of the walk towards the finish of the cycle of your time ,other people ,also needs to walked a circle .

But the truth is ,in certain region ,than other regions ,multiple turns on the hill ,to cope with a cycle .Next ,check data after finishing ,in to the next round of testing ,planning and style ,seven in the center of a hill station .

The spirit of dying in Northeast a feet ,and also the 13 ,was within the southwest mountain ,no more waiting in its northern border feet from the low-key ,Tang dispensers station within the south mountain ,and so forth ,you use nine gamer ,based on a power grid position, standing nine directions :they figure out what they stand it a typical power grid position? Aspect two March ghost military ,is the activity within the human scale .

In 2 a ghost military how-to below ,they may be unambiguously visited the structure location .Next ,some thing amazing happens … … Allow them to confused ,dizzy inside a complete mess happened .

The tandem ,person in five mountain hillsides, the 2nd met in seven ,completed a cycle .Simultaneously ,he switched towards the third hillsides ,met in Zhengdong gamer dying .Situated in the western world of the overall game player ,hasn’t seen .

Before the seventh crosses time, simply to see .Exactly the same column ,situated in northern the member B ,had been continual five occasions saw north more low-key ,in other words ,each time to climb on the mountain ,he’ll enjoy seeing more low-key back .

Situated within the northeast from the dead souls ,until he switched towards the eighth hill, before again meeting .Exactly the same column ,situated just south of member C, each over two hillsides ,see the first is situated within the southwest of Dragonlance 13 ,each over four hillsides southeast of the overall game player ,see .

Before the use the ninth mountain tops, to determine the South Tang dispensers .618753294 longitudinal oblique ,addition is 15 which is the conventional luoshu .But .This type of situation ,how likely ?For instance, see forget about low-key the member B ,having a mountainous area ,how he staggered two others ,frequently see forget about low-key ?It is sufficient to get people to think much mind wrong brain up ,still can reason .

Totally irrational ,beyond imagination, completely unlike the standard space from the intuitive knowledge of .When eight showed up, these were going to begin the following round of tests .Butthe appearance of eight, results in another to ensure that they comprehend it :even through 9 cycle ,second people saw the South Tang dispensers ,still nobody saw states have showed up at eight .

Then your next round of tests in abeyance, the initial test ,to carry on .The 18 cycle ,third saw Tang dispensers ,still nobody to determine eight .Within this situation ,once more surprise .In eight as though inside a different using their space ,in general no intersection .

But there’s no manifestation of them joined a duplicate space .However for eight things only temporarily reserve .The spirit of dying to trust eight stand it place first .Then begin the following round of experiments .

This experiment ,conserve a north-south column didn’t move, the column won’t low-key north ,median seven ,South Tang dispensers ,retain in sight ,things continue south and north line ,scan .

The outcomes from the scan, it’s different .Continually be stored around the corner from the three ,within the next test, each on the mountain, is one thing deep member found b .The rest of the six isn’t maintained in the view of the overall game player ,frequency of occurrence ,remain unchanged .

Next, change things line doesn’t move, which this column checking ,an east-west direction ,are locked in the view of the 3 of gamer ,frequency of occurrence ,the rest of the six ,remain unchanged .

Next, the spirit of dying by pressure is sufficient, the column is split into three teams ,although more sparse ,but additionally handled to help keep one another around the corner .Three party ,the computer monitor a route around the three gamer .

Three routes ,nine gamer ,all monitors .This time around ,all the overall game player ,all-in-one cycle in .Soon ,in eight ,diffuse clouds in the finish of the type of sight ,neat ,goose-walked March ghost military .

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