An Easy Answer to Canine Friendly Holidays

PressRelease) Does your pup or dog increase holiday cheer or create holiday trouble? Problem actions can be simply solved based on Paul Owens, professional dog trainer along with a best-selling author who established fact for his positive reward-based techniques.

Does your pup or dog’s holiday greeting contain knocking Grandmother over when she arrives with presents? Or does he believe that the meals around the dining room table is simply for him? Or treat every holiday gift as their own, thirstily ripping them available to have fun with because he likes?

Professional dog trainer and finest-selling author Paul Owens states most young puppies and dogs may be easily trained with compassionate, nonviolent techniques to ensure that problems for example jumping on visitors, woofing, raiding the dining room table, or drained the doorway whenever it’s opened up could be removed. Owens is famous by many people because the “original” Dog Whisperer and it is the writer from the books, “Your Dog Whisperer” and “The Pup Whisperer.” His jobs are featured around the Dvd disks, “Your Dog Whisperer Vol. 1, Beginning and Intermediate Canine Training for Young puppies and Dogs” and “Your Dog Whisperer Vol. 2, Fixing Common Behavior Trouble for Young puppies and Dogs.”

Owens states that generally people know the things they Do not want their dog to complete as well as their only solution as he will it would be to punish your dog – which does not feel great or produce a holiday spirit for that person or even the dog.

Based on Owens, the important thing to turning around difficult actions is to pay attention to safety and “substitution.” When it comes to safety, Owens indicates that individuals think about the methods an infant or toddler is stored safe and states using dog houses (crates) and baby gates will go a lengthy way toward fixing puppy and dog problems. Another aspect to problem fixing is called “substitution.”

Owens states, “Substitution is simple, you just reward your pet for carrying out a behavior you would like, instead of punish her for actions you wouldn’t want. Let us consider the illustration of your dog who expires the doorway the moment it’s opened up. It does not take lengthy to train your dog alternatives, for example ‘when the doorbell rings, I’ll train my dog to visit his dog mattress and lie lower.’ So, beginning with teaching your pet to lie lower, then advancing to adding the signal from the doorbell, you’ve reduced the problem. Quite simply, the doorbell becomes the signal to operate towards the mattress and lie lower. Your pet then knows what you would like and will it instantly – and he’s no more being punished for doing what you wouldn’t want.Inch

Owens states, “Most young puppies and dogs can certainly learn how to substitute signals and new actions for original copies with several five to ten minute periods of practice each day, before the holiday season! Much like other things, the amount of time it requires has related to how lengthy unhealthy habits happen to be happening as well as your own training consistency and skill. But nearly every dog can be simply educated to substitute ‘lay lower,’ ‘go for your mattress,’ ‘get a toy,’ or ‘sit’ for that troublesome actions that create trouble for family and buddies.”

Other good examples Owens gives training alternatives include: * For any dog who steals food from the counter top or table, train your dog to sit down or lie lower or go to their mattress if you place food up for grabs. * For any dog who jumps on people once they walk in, train your dog to operate for their mattress whenever people walk in.

Owens is among an increasing number of positive trainers whose techniques are based on reinforcement and rewards, instead of techniques which use punishment or psychologically exhaust a pet to be able to change behavior. He states, “In nearly every situation, your pup or dog really wants to avoid unpleasantness and become compensated rather. Teaching your dog to complete what you would like, rather than punishing her for doing what you wouldn’t want, is exactly what nonviolent, compassionate training is about.Inch

Owens states, “Additionally to my books and Dvd disks, I offer plenty of free videos and free suggestions about this site, . But when you receive confused or stuck regarding how to train your pet a behavior and wish to speak to a professional dog trainer in your town, make sure to question his techniques and select one that just uses positive techniques. This is also true with fearful or aggressive dogs. Safety factors are always first.”

For that holidays, and all year round, you can preserve your dogs safe and pleased with the tool of substitution. Even though you are in internet marketing, give that four-legged friend and member of the family you have the gifts of praise, goodies and belly rubs.

Owens’ website, offers free advice and free video tutorials, in addition to Dvd disks and books on fundamental canine training and fixing common behavior problems. A totally free sample of Owens’ DVD, “Your Dog Whisperer, Vol. 2: Fixing Common Behavior Trouble for Young puppies and Dogs” can be obtained around the subject of Kenneling online at

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