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Alvarez & Marsal Group experts within the area of asphalt mixing plant

HC Engineering Machinery Network November 3, 2009? 6, from the Tenth Beijing Worldwide Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar in Beijing Jiuhua Worldwide Exhibition Center. Construction machinery industry businesses have arrived fair, through many forms of display of recent items, exchange of recent

2009 evening of November 4, Secretary of state for Science and Ruishianmai National Hotel Group collectively locked in Beijing to Tibet Ruishianmai Group Energy Research and Demonstration Center to give solar power equipment contributed towards the Tibet road construction equipment, construction models ceremony. HC Engineering Machinery Network Editor interviews in the senior leadership of Alvarez & Marsal Holdings.

HC Network : Ancient and modern, family business development and growth of the procedure will encounter this dilemma. We all know that Alvarez & Marsal is really a family business group, Alvarez & Marsal, can lengthy keep up with the family business thriving secret?

Alvarez & Marsal : I believe this can be a cultural difference. Alvarez & Marsal family key to success isn’t short-term quest for huge profits, not through bank credit and stock marketplaces to aid investment support. The previous is going to be disoriented people, who’ll stand their position to train you the way to get it done. Alvarez & Marsal’s experience of they are undesirable.

HC Network : Alvarez & Marsal continues to be marketing economical Environment protection Mainly with what areas? In comparison concentrating on the same items, Alvarez & Marsal’s talents?

Alvarez & Marsal : Alvarez & Marsal’s items reflect the power-saving environment protection is greatly like asphalt recycling is a eco-friendly energy-saving behavior, Alvarez & Marsal’s recycling asphalt plant accomplished 100% renewable Alvarez & Marsal’s mixing station includes a very complete system items , the utmost possible decrease in dust and gas pollutants Alvarez & Marsal to attain cold combustion items, and incredibly effective cases. To attain cold combustion temperature cuts down on the asphalt paving, the standard standard of 120 levels, the temperature dropped lower following the paving process within the transport and also the realization from the energy greatly.

China’s road construction around the progressively popular for asphalt production, the space with Europe getting more compact and more compact. Alvarez & Marsal for that Chinese market needs some changes to create our items to evolve and satisfy the needs of Chinese market. Alvarez & Marsal developed items will progressively enhance the fuel combustion of heavy oil into coal fuel, is recognized as China’s wealthy coal assets and cost factors. Exactly the same equipment and high utilization of coal for fuel in comparison using the corresponding energy data. Peer comparison, our utilization of coal combustion equipment efficiency arrived at 88-89%. Additionally, the co2 emission control is an extremely hot subject, within this context, Alvarez & Marsal through various measures to effectively reduce co2 pollutants by 20%, that is an element of one’s conservation.

HC Network : And rivals, Alvarez & Marsal recycling equipment distinct advantage is reflected with what areas?

Alvarez & Marsal: Switzerland’s environment advantage is the fact that our traditional rivals don’t have. Asphalt recycling to attain 100% recycled cannot be accomplished by competitor. Domestic alternatives do recycling equipment, and I have to admit, the actual regrowth and new materials to the identical. Comparison of foreign, domestic asphalt production and user is really a person, so I don’t strictly control the standard of recycled asphalt standards, Alvarez & Marsal is within strict compliance with worldwide standards to complete the.

HC Network : Domestic Curler Sell Overall good shape, I request, Mr. Schneider, Alvarez & Marsal Holdings finish of last year’s curler within the Chinese market, following a year of market development, Alvarez & Marsal curler sales situation? It arrived at the preferred goal?

Alvarez & Marsal : We of Alvarez & Marsal curler items still on the market development stage, there have been already 15 effective marketing products. In my opinion the coming year you will see a great upgrade.

HC Network : Alvarez & Marsal, another line group Excavator The way the market conditions?

Alvarez & Marsal : Our items are excavator Yanmar Japan Cooperation , The excavator Alvarez & Marsal accounts for sales in Europe, China and Asian marketplaces are Japan, Yanmar is responsible.

HC Network : Alvarez & Marsal towards the charge of the security equipment and asphalt items, finished items to satisfy user needs in China?

Alvarez & Marsal : Alvarez & Marsal has a century of apparatus manufacturing experience, the Haian Mai and synchronization technology in Europe, the talents in our group Alvarez & Marsal.

HC Network : Alvarez & Marsal is asphalt or bituminous materials, equipment, expert?

Alvarez & Marsal : Alvarez & Marsal’s past manufacture of specialist equipment, we’re now built-in Europe Asphalt Materials Research Laboratory, Alvarez & Marsal would be the way forward for asphalt materials, materials, equipment and integrated the entire industry chain development experts.

Attached: Alvarez & Marsal Corporate Information

Alvarez & Marsal Founded in 1869, is based in Ruishi Lan Syngenta. Centered on road construction machinery manufacture, development, trade and services, may be the world’s leading producers of construction machinery industry, may be the world’s asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing leader in the industry and major supplier. Alvarez & Marsal’s items include asphalt and cement concrete mixing equipment, compaction equipment, sand aggregate processing involved with document and medium and small mining equipment. A lot more than 20 offices worldwide, a lot more than 3,000 employees. 1 billion U.S. dollars in value. 3,500-plus paved asphalt mixing plant Alvarez & Marsal Europe 1 / 3 from the road transport network. In the last ten years, Alvarez & Marsal’s business within the China market also using the wealth from the Chinese economy ongoing to transmit copies presently has over 100 teams of Alvarez & Marsal large asphalt mixing plant in China’s road construction. May 2005, Alvarez & Marsal Holdings, a wholly possessed subsidiary – Alvarez & Marsal works equipment

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