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History B-17G-105-VE, 44-85740 was built through the Vega Division of Lockheed Aircraft Company and shipped towards the U.S. Military Air Corps on 18 May 1945, past too far for everyone in Europe where most B-17s were destined. Declared surplus and initially saved in New You are able to, the aircraft was delivered to Altus, Oklahoma on 7 November 1945 where removed of military equipment, it had been offered as “scrap” for $750 in 1946 to Metal Items. The aircraft was saved from the fate when sold again soon after to Universal Aviation to be used being an aerial mapping platform, obtaining civil registration N5017N. In 1947, the Vero Beach Import and Export Company bought “740” to function as a cargo hauler carrying cattle in Florida and Puerto Rico, a job that required getting rid of the initial radio compartment and floor, changing it having a increased floor. In 1949, Aero Service Corporation bought the aircraft and switched it back to an aerial photography and surveying platform.Within this role, throughout the following 12 years, the B-17 completed mapping procedures over Arabia, Libya, Lebanon, Iran, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt and Jordan. Aluminum Overcast throughout among the periodical overhauls, 2005 Its next role was at aerial application with first Chris Stolzhus and Affiliates in 1962 and Dothan Aviation Corporation in 1966 where “740” were built with a chemical hopper and spray bars fitted underneath the wings. After operating like a pest management, forest dusting and fire fighting aircraft, the aircraft ended up its postwar career in 1976. In 1978, Dr. Bill Harrison heading up “B-17s All over the world,Inch funded purchasing the aircraft, that’s parked in open storage in Dothan, Alabama for 2 years. Re-named Aluminum Overcast, the title remember the 601st Explosive device Squadron, 398th Explosive device Group (Heavy)’s B-17G #42-102516 which was shot lower on its 34th combat mission over Le Manoir, France, on 13 August 1944. Veterans from the 398th BG assisted finance the bomber’s restoration. Harrison’s group restored the B-17 to some near-war time appearance, although no armament was installed and travelled the aircraft at numerous airshows over the U . s . States. As financing for maintenance and additional restoration grew to become difficult, more ambitious plans for example an around-the-world goodwill flight were shelved. EAA Nose art was remade in 1988 Aluminum Overcast for Colorado and also the Front Range Denventure 2007 tour visit Centennial Airport terminal, CO, 2007. On 21 May 1979, the audience contributed the aircraft towards the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Aviation Foundation, underneath the auspices from the B-17 Historic Society. Aluminum Overcast was placed on display until 1983 before it started a ten-year restoration. The extensive work involved the repairing of all of the interior stations, such as the radio compartment, waist gunners’ stations, tail turret and navigator’s station and changing the cabin flooring in addition to finding original equipment like the Norden bombsight. Where authentic components weren’t available, realistic replicas like the new-manufacture top turret were replaced. As the aircraft is all about 95 % authentic, re-creating the configuration in 1945 if this folded from the set up line, credits to technological enhancements like a modern radio and avionics suite are incorporated to satisfy the present air needs. Delivered to the EAA Kermit Days Flight Research Center in Florida in 1993, the aircraft was ready for its first tour which started in 1994. At the moment, you will find only 14 such B-17s still flying, with Aluminum Overcast, our prime-time leader, already logging 6,000 flight hrs by 1969. When Aluminum Overcast is on tours flying extensively through the USA and Canada, it can serve as the EAA’s showcase aircraft and it has already flown 1000’s of veterans and aviation fanatics. Throughout an average 60-city tour, plane tickets are interspersed with possibilities for site visitors to really walk-through the aircraft. The bond towards the war time B-17 is maintained with the participation of numerous EAA volunteers, a number of whom possess a personal link with the time. Among the initial flight crew was Col Harold “Hal” Weekley (ret’d) who had been flying the initial namesake which was shot lower over France. Half-hour plane tickets can also be found whatsoever tour stops, with arises from the tour assisting to keep Aluminum Overcast flying and aiding within the ongoing restoration, maintenance and upkeep efforts of EAA. As presently fitted out, Aluminum Overcast has one Studebaker 1820 and three Curtiss-Wright 1820-97 engines. Its fresh paint plan was remade in 1988 and today includes a flat aluminum metallic flake fresh paint. Aluminum Overcast is presently based in the Air Adventure Museum Bald eagle Hangar in Wittman Regional Airport terminal (OSH), Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The aircraft’s annual multi-city tour is scheduled for spring through fall, with maintenance scheduled for that winter several weeks. References Notes ^ a b – c “The B-17 Aluminum Overcast.” Retrieved: 18 May 2007. ^ O’Leary 2001, p. 40. ^ O’Leary 2001, p. 41. ^ a b – c Sturrock, Gordon. “Good reputation for the Aluminum Overcast.” Retrieved: 7 August 2009. ^ a b – c O’Leary 2001, p. 42. ^ a b – O’Leary 2008, p. 29. ^ “Outstanding Selection Planned for Warbirds in Review.” EAA Airventure News, 2009. 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