Alaska Ferry Accident Because of Captain Error

On May 7, the M/V MATANUSKA crashed in to the Sea Beauty Seafoods pier in Petersburg, Alaska. The Alaska Dot (Us dot) lately came to the conclusion an analysis from the and determined the reason to possess been a controlling error by Captain M. Scott Macaulay in strong power. Macaulay, a captain for 14 years, faces punishment from administrative action. Macaulay was trying to influence the vessel from the strong current and into more stable waters, but he was not able to accomplish the become the terminal. Whenever a large vessel encounters rough waters, those things from the crew and also the captain often means the main difference between any sort of accident along with a near miss. In defense from the crew, Us dot deputy commissioner Michael Nuessl states -the [M/V MATANUSKA] crew maintained situational awareness through the entire event and required immediate actions that really reduced the outcome produced by the ferry.- Michael Latti,


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