AHCI independent watchmakers

Svend Andersen , Marc Jenni , Kazes Jean and Antoine Preziuso present their latest collections and pieces of art within the exhibition space. “It is a real recognition to welcome these exclusive watchmakers. AHCI taking part within the Working Group belongs to the logic and continuity in our mission: to advertise the skill of time in Geneva and beyond its edges “, cites Florence Nol , Director from the Exhibition.

AHCI was granted the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie p Genve 2010 when its people were granted the special jury prize for outstanding contribution towards the beautiful watch.

Here are a few notes around the four people who’ll take part in AHCI GTE 2012:

Antoine Preziuso – The skill of Fine Watches An innovator of chance Geneva Time Exhibition, Antoine Preziuso to the fair having a special thing of beauty known as the GTS – Grand Tourbillon Sport. Even though many brands wish to conquer space, Antoine Preziuso keep both ft on the floor and feeds the love for racing, reinterpreting its tourbillon movement inside a box developed in house, made ??of the sleek new material, “ChromeCobalt”.

Svend Andersen – Contemporary Art Svend Andersen may also be known as the “Watch manufacturing company from the Impossible” since it can leave the mouth area open the world with amazing masterpieces and inventions. To keep in mind the exploits from the “clock bottle” – produced in 1969, “1884” time “hrs around the globeInch which informs the fascinating story from the inventor from the 24 timezones, or Hebraka, a watch using the Jewish calendar, that has produced with Alain Silberstein Svend … A real exploits of mechanics. It’s an remarkable artist.

Marc Jenni – A Distinctive Experience Winding Marc Jenni hasn’t wanted to become watch manufacturing company. Well, fortunately for those enthusiasts of watches, he started an apprenticeship at age 16 and it has began his career in New You are able to at Tiffany & Co. In 2008, he was prepared to open their own company. Because of its first participation within the GTE, Marc Jenni Prologue will show his masterpieces, having a black ring that rotates round the entire box, and JJJ, telling the individual from the planets connected with days each week.

Jean Kazes – Sculptural Clockmaker Since 1972, Jean Kazes makes a title using its created clocks and watches. These pieces illustrate the wholesomeness of both actions – simple or complicated (perpetual calendars, astronomical representations, universal hrs, ringing in step …). These pieces of art indicate the fragile balance struck between in-depth mastery of the watch manufacturing company and contemporary design.

There’s a area that technology developed recently has literally “overcome”.

On 17 and 18 November 2009 occured in Berlin this forum TECHNO LUXURY 2009 parternship a conference using the Worldwide Herald Tribune , which involved different brands from the world’s leading spokesperson in the plethora of “goods” luxury.

Additionally to such as the listing of loudspeakers and also the enjoyable existence of Claudia Schiffer , in regards to our beloved watches would be to report the existence of Maximilian Bsser – Boss and founding father of Megabytes & F which of Felix Baumgartner co-founding father of URWERK .

The 2 brands are a good example of the way we are now able to extend the understanding of Haute Horlogerie using technology.

I thank the “reporter for that event” Maximilian Bsser who sent me this expensive.

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