after 100s of many years of wood

Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultFull text without advertising chapter 701st ,honest Yang Lin ,,,and monthly subscriptions !Monthly ticket.

Full text no advertising and also the various support .High Fiao bese !!! Alas ,shame ah ,since Yang the thing is ,I don hide ,you ,us comes from the city to re-locate … … That old guy nodded her head ,his face would be a feel shy ,appear to carry the board here nowadays ,look foward to a problem generally .

Miss Yang ,this really is he the guy ,we used two live together ,relations are extremely good ,he visited the current hurry of cash, continues to be supporting me out this stereotype ,you would now like to collect things, and so i give congratulate uncle telephoned, allow him to provide you with to have a look in the .

.. … Stand aside to determine old people appear to feel shy mouth tension ,then turning things to Yang Lin stated again .That old guy is Zhuxian Town ,the wooden stereotype ,may be the ancestral home ,but following the crazy days ,although the one thing in your home ,however their craft isn’t passed down ,that old guy also have to leave one ,together with the household arrive at Zhengzhou .

He Bo designed a duration of employees ,even though the boy filial piety ,but additionally didn’t do, to create a dead salary only, a classic snack drink not anxious isn’t saved ,how much cash .It all of a sudden stated to demolition, if that’s gone to live in the and surrounding suburbs to reside, their boy and daughter-in-law to operate far many, grand son to college is difficult, plant, as with the initial live close to purchase a house .

However the government for compensation ,as with the initial place to purchase a house ,also sent about 200 1000 ,this let old worry, thinking, the home appears to simply forefathers left this stereotype value money .

( full text download free ) so in carry off all that certain has discover this stereotype ,plant, commissioned through the tension and help ,both of these several weeks there’s people go back home see ,but since the old guy selling price is a touch high, is not in a position to agree with .

Zhang Li also met Yang Lin generous ,this capability to congratulate uncle a phone call ,take a look have little interest in Yang Lin . When i first take a look . Yang Linpa would be a mouth to purchase, they will heighten the cost ,to state he had heard about woodcut Year works of art ,take this chance ,simply to view it .

The thing is, you can observe … … Although Yang Lin is youthful ,however the old guy get tension advised, realize that this can be a well-known antiques expert ,would be to look just a little overcautious .Yang Lin didn’t speak again ,get a magnifier ,the table board check carefully up .

The woodcut portrait ,came from within the Tang Empire, but in the popular ,since these are folk handicraft ,manufacture of wood wood ,will also be improvise ,material ,like throughout the Tang and Song Empire woodblock ,possibly already corroded hard to be maintained .

The overall board may be the broad distribution from the boxwood designs and carvings create, however the board ,in Yang Lin view, is created out, after 100s of many years of wood, continues to be dense fine, shed an easy faint scent .

Observation of Yang Lin following a moment, researched to ,toward that old guy requested : Robert, this wood ,you need to sell number money ? This … … The ,3 hundred 1000 .

.. … Herbert hesitated ,from a cost ,but allow the room lots of people shake their heads ,those are the people of Henan ,for that capital of scotland- wood not unfamiliar, for example wood ,in most cases ,a hundred 1000 money will get it .

That old ,3 hundred 1000 is a touch costly … … Yes ,now board although less ,but towards the town can continue to receive . Within the room the expert opinion, he Boyou point open one ,with Yang Lin before identification of objects towards the cost perspective ,he’s absolutely obvious that this ought to be .

3 hundred 1000. Yang Lin can also be slightly wrinkled brow ,the cost than he’d anticipated a few of the greater . 3 hundred 1000 ,Miss Yang ,it hosts pass lower ,now create it for sell ,continues to be sorry forefathers, under 3 hundred 1000 ,I won’t sell ,most gone to live in suburban living .

He Bo about this board is extremely emotional ,if this frequently see ,later adopted the household to leave from famine in Zhengzhou, in those days without a penny ,with this particular wood ,know ,the woodblock edition ,also placed the seniors for many missing elders .

Well ,plant ,just like you say ,3 hundred 1000 ,a supervisor ,write the agreement ,Peng Fei ,take 3 hundred 1000 … … Yang Lin thought for some time ,finally made the decision to purchase ,this wood is clearly special from Shandong wood carving ,in the middle duration of Qing Empire maintained so far ,no cracks and moth ,be very rare .

Yang brother ,this factor isn’t worth 3 hundred 1000 ? Peng Fei in the backpack out for thirty stacked RMB ,use it the table .Peng Fei pointed out the issue ,it’s real within individuals enthusiasts considered to request ,3 hundred 1000 purchased a $a hundred 1000 gadget, the company how you can look sheds .

Yang Lin Wenyan smiled ,and stated: Peng Fei ,the board whilst not to Ming Empire ,but it ought to be Kangxi round the year ,is another precious ,from here ,to include ,in a single hundred 1000 from the cost ,should a minimum of add fifty 1000 .

Second, this wood can be used through the mahogany created ,as everybody knows, peachwood evil spirits, while Shandong Feicheng mahogany ,more evil capital of scotland- calamity ,with this ,plus fifty 1000 dollars .

Third see article, this wood method is intact ,not Chongzhu corroded ,and Diaogong superb ,it may give a fifty 1000 block … … The area was interesting people ,a people yelled: teacher, you will find fifty 1000 ? Yang Lin Wenyan in room four circle arch back ,smiled and stated : my boss, this board but he Bojia in ancestral objects ,although I’m not a gentleman ,but can also be seize others ,along with a fifty 1000 ,also justified ? Mister.

Yang stated ! Miss Yang righteousness ! Yes ,righteous ,they is definitely an expert two words . Not to imply ,teacher, I’ll if you will find objects ,have to go to Beijing city to locate you .

.. … Yang Lin not just allow the person within the room to noisy applause ,delays outdoors individuals browsing the folks ,but additionally possess the thumbs up ,Yang Lin ,completely let these mingle in antique stores ,is be sincerely convinced .

.. … Miss Yang ,thanks ,really thanks greatly … … 60 Robert, Yang Lin heard in words, couldn’t help but take towel wipe the tears .This season, to state what’s the hardest, but simply for the money ,except the boy and immediate relations ,may be the relatives aren’t good this mouth ,because lending relationship withered anti-Japanese and things ,always can hear .

To be able to purchase the house ,plant is licking face to a lot of people, without exception ,all ate the cold-shoulder treatment ,he couldn’t think about, while watching person ,a guaranteed lower .

Actually, she got lots of people check this out stereotype ,also realize that the board cost ,purchase the board ,a minumum of one hundred 1000 piece Yang Lin send money to him . Robert, the board illustrate is our country traditional craft, such as the Ming and Qing Dynasties left to bar of wood, the cost could be more and much more high ,following a couple of years could also a lot more than 3 hundred 1000, old you don regret ah .

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