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One Further Telephone Call for your Senators Could Really make a difference November 23rd, 2010

Agribusiness Shows It Is True Colors!

Despite the fact that a contract was arrived at around the Tester-Hagan amendment a week ago, through the leadership within the Senate, this problem within the food safety bill continues to be not over!

The Tester-Hagan amendment would exempt more compact, organic and native farmers from costly regulating burdens.

For more than a year, the large Agribusiness trade organizations have supported passage of S.510, the meals Safety Modernization Act. From agribusiness’s perspective, the balance would be a win-win: they might absorb the expense from the rules due to their size they’d gain good PR for allegedly enhancing food safety practices, gain some defense against legal liabilities-and hobble your competition-local food producers by crushing all of them with new regulating burdens.

Their anti-competitive motivation was just speculation so far. However when the Senators decided to range from the Tester-Hagan amendment within the bill, to exempt small-scale direct-marketing producers from probably the most troublesome provisions, agribusiness revealed it is true colors. Late a week ago, twenty agribusiness lobby groups fired off instructions proclaiming that they’d oppose the balance whether it incorporated the Tester-Hagan amendment.

The letter in the agribusiness groups states: -[B]y integrating the Tester amendment within the bill, customers is going to be left susceptible to the gaping holes and uneven use of what the law states produced by these exemptions. Additionally, it sets a regrettable precedent for future action on food safety policy by Congress that science and risk based standards could be overlooked.-

The entire letter could be seen at:

What science and risk? Nobody has created data or proof of any common problems triggered by local producers and promoted straight to customers. All the major foodborne illness breakouts happen to be triggered by items that experienced the lengthy supply chains of corporate agribusiness, many coming from factory-scale farms.

Agribusiness’s real worry about the Tester-Hagan amendment is not food safety, however the precedent set by getting Congress notice that small, direct-marketing producers will vary, and really should be controlled in a different way, in the large Agribusinesses.

Corporate agribusiness is attempting to convince the Senators to drag the Tester-Hagan amendment out. As the amendment is presently area of the -Managers’ Package- – the amended form of the balance decided to by six bipartisan sponsors – there is nothing certain before the actual election.

This Thanksgiving week, relax and take a moment to or email your Senators to inform these to hold firm on KEEPING the Tester-Hagan amendment area of the bill. The legislation will probably show up for any election once they return into session early in a few days.

You are able to call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or visit to locate your Senator’s website (when the phone line is busy, the easiest method to achieve them is thru the -contact- page online)

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