Abstract the ninetieth chapter family title

Abstract the ninetieth chapter family title Wei of mad dog ?? Xu Qing in the bedroom to sit down lower ,whispered : the motive force found ? Han Xue bitter smile: was discovered, would be a clone vehicle ,think it is was gasoline burn right into a pile of scrap metal .

Xu Qing wrinkled ,feel it’s not seen at first glance so simple ,unconsciously requested: that prior to the accident you more to offend people ? Han Xue lips vibrated under two, I stated: there’s one ,however the police couldn’t find any evidence .

Xu Qing was quiet ,he strong feeling ,Han Xue was deliberately hurt ,but he is able to tube ?Han Xue bitter smile : well, have previously ,not the items I don ! Standing beside her was distressed to comfort: snow tomorrow, was launched in the hospital ,we are able to proceed to Xu Shaojia resided there ,the entrance has security personnel ,regular people not able to go in .

Qin Bing be liberal and dignified came forward ,stated having a smile : thanks for visiting the huge home ,a couple of us resided is deserted, I truly scared of !You decide to go could be vigorous . Xu Qing continued to be quiet, just in the who words he heard some wrong ,particularly the last sentence ,does Han Xue such as this, and individuals found annoy her ?The system opened up the doorway ,joined a whitened coat physician and 2 nurses put on pink uniforms ,showed up in Han Xue mattress .

Han Xue ,for that medicine to consider you to definitely have a tablet ,callus development of normal mid-day could be released red carpet days of plaster ,plaster . Whitened coat physician putting on a mask ,the voice sounds just a little vague, two nurses skilled help Han Xue leg wound dressing ,the physician starts to complete a myriad of examination .

Don Xu Qing were built with a type of feeling ,the physician appears to chase Han Xue earlier hospital discharge ,things appeared to obtain a little complex . When the sister-in-law, we go outdoors and talk .

Xu Qing eyebrows rugulose ,went from the ward ,had she hurriedly feet using the past .In the finish from the hallway towards the smoking area ,Xu Qing required from his pocket a cigarette in the mouth around the subtle point ,stated: Han Xue has remained within the hospital was very unhappy ? Once she spent stay ,she appeared to consider Xu Qing would all of a sudden this, look slightly flustered .

Xu Qing smiled and stated: what else could you let me know ,maybe I’m able to help . Once she sighed ,gradually tell a troubled mother and daughter for any very long time .Since Han Xue was put in the hospital after 5 may have several looks tough guy transporting some can’t eat rotten fruit in to the unit ,using the tone from the threat towards the mother and daughter say what Wei master wish to be a lady is really a remnant from the couldn’t try to escape ,the following won’t break so simple ,this group each time to state a couple of words lower things go .

First hospital security and to discourage several occasions, then even security dared not come ,simply to call law enforcement ,law enforcement didn’t come before individuals bullies such as the received message regarding leave immediately ,wait for a police towards the commom cynical requested a couple of went ,donrrrt catch indeed evidence .

Han Xue father stay unit ,evening transformed once sister-in-law ,in hospital nowadays one family shaking with fear ,these were once for every stale fruit will forfeit lots of ward ,initially residing in two patients due to cannot bear the necessity to transfer with other models ,fifty-six models around the left of Han Xue b .

This mother and daughter don’t know how you can cry ,but nobody cares, a healthcare facility has additionally advised several occasions to Han Xue released early ,inexplicable had sister-in-law many requested to obtain a surprising news ,since Han Xue was accepted towards the hospital, the elevator can look every once in awhile, malicious harassment ,and cautioned a healthcare facility ,stated Han Xue eventually doesn’t discharge this factor after Xu Qing learns his story once ,was angry ,got a cell phone call to Tang Guobin ,the telephone rang two times is started up .

Ah ,today how you can make sure to call brother ,breathing ,breathing along the side of Tang Guobin of breath side then your phone ,appears to become exactly what the strenuous exercise .Xu Qing smiled and stated: what ?Exercise ? A telephone call from the vague voice : busy ,to become shot to you ,wrong ,your exercise routine to you ,goodbye to ! Du !The products immediately dangles the road ,Xu Qing looked stunned ,shoot !?This person does sports ,shooting or archery ?Hair mist small Xu students only helpless shakes his mind .

Xu less ,otherwise convenient we won’t proceed to rental property ,in your home extremely good was she see Xu Qing one face is helpless look ,think he trouble ,provided to rental property suggestion .

Xu Qingyao stated : go ,why don’t you? Be looked into straight to take Han Xue to the house . Once she hesitated ,whispered : I pay attention to the snow stated Wei Shaoye may be the vice mayor Wei Hai the nation ,I’m afraid provide you with trouble ,you and also Miss Qin are great ,I don you Xu Qing indifferent smile ,put his cigarette finish in to the side of whitened sand bucket : he who’s more large ,however the law ,even though you satisfaction to reside well .

Thank Xu less ,for example snow completed my examination and that i discharge procedure . Once she baby wipes a tear many thanks ,a couple once more came back towards the ward .Medicine has transformed ,the physician also examined ,only stated that things are normal ,designed a good recovery, but additionally to consider a bit of check .

The nurse wheeled to some motorized wheel chair ,careful to consider Han Xueyi towards the above ,he whispered about ,cautiously ,I see they around the encounters of Han Xue or sympathy .Three people together to accompany Han Xue towards the X-ray room like a film ,the physician didn view it is stated that things are normal ,following the gypsum could be released ,which Xu Qing felt some angry ,dark scolds: paralysis ,that is his sister medical ethics? Now Xu Qing pocket phone rang out ,a glance is known as Tang Guobin, got angry and stated: love shot ( 5) ? The telephone came a couple of acoustic pipe : shot ,you call it’s not true when ,say ,find brother what factor? Xu Qing then calls to visit outdoors, whispered : you need to know Wei master ? The telephone was quiet for any minute ,he heard Tang Guobin muttered : isn’t offend him ?Or perhaps in the sauna ,that kind of factor ? Xu Qing was slightly transformed : temporarily to not provoke him ,however , unsure .

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