Abrahamsen V2. UP Integrated amplifier

V2. may be the integrated alternative in Abrahamsen`s new V-series. With timeless design, very easy to use and lots of energy, this is one way to visit if you prefer a real high-finish seem experience to some affordable cost. The amplifier is outfitted with 3 RCA inputs and something balanced XLR input. To offer the most effective result it’s suggested to all of us a completely balanced Compact disc player like the Abrahamsen V1. Compact disc player. The V2. provides 2x70Watts in 8 Ohm and doubles the output in 4 Ohm.

Using the V2. it is simple to setup among the inputs to some home cinema input.Which means that you are able to integrate it by having an existing surround receiver.

The handheld remote control works with the relaxation from the items within the V-series.

2 x 70 watt in 8 ohm Protection circuit 2 x140 watt in 4 ohm Digital volume control 3 Line inputs (RCA) LCD-display 1 Balanced (XLR) input Handheld remote control Tape output (RCA) Ring core -transformer Width 430mm Height 105mm Depth 321mm Weight 16 kg Signal/noise: >100 dB THD: ,005 % Frequency response: -70.000 Hz /-3 dB

The storyline behind the seem. In 1972 Dr. Otala and Mr. Lohstro fi nished the work they do in examining transistor amplifi ers to determine which really produced the -transistor seem- generally transistorized designs. The outcomes of the innovative design work were incorporated within the legendary 25 watt amplifi er. The product was the fi rst commercial transistor amplifi er to make use of this new design approach, and also the amplifi er was immediately recognised as significantly more musical and dynamic sounding than every other transistor amplifi er. Exactly the same design philosophy continues to be constantly up-to-date by additional research and development. This philosophy forms the foundation from the new ABRAHAMSEN design. Following the 25 watt amplifi er had established a brand new standard for transistor amplifi ers, research was carried out to fi nd ways to really make the amplifi er better still, and also to extend its highly musical seem quality to more effective amplifi er design.

Historien bak lyden. I 1972 sluttfrte Matti Otala og Jan Lohstro sine studier for fi nne hva som var opphavet til living room typiske -transistorlyden- som fantes i alle transistorforsterkere p living room tiden. Denne -lyden- er fremdeles fremtredende i mange produkter. Re- sultatet fra deres forskning ble innfrt i en forsterker utviklet audio-video Per Abrahamsen, og ble senere kjent som living room legenda- riske -25 Watter’n-. Denne forsterkeren var det frste kommersielle produktet som utnyttet denne teorien, og forsterkeren ble omtalt som vesentlig mer dynamisk og musikalsk enn andre transistorforsterkere. Denne designfi losofi en har blitt videreutviklet gjennom mange r. Bedre elektroniske komponenter har sammen mediterranean denne utviklingen lagt grunnlaget for living room nye ABRAHAMSEN produktserie.

Ekte Abrahamsen Derfor vil det nok glede mange Electro-fans at p nye Abrahamsen-produktene holder fast ved gamle idealer. Her finnes det frst og fremst en skikkelig fyldig og fet bassgjengivelse som rsker tak i hyttalerne og fr dem til produsere dypbass-toner som guy knapt hadde trodd p var i stand til.

Abrahamsen V2. UP er en oppgradert og vesentlig bedre versjon, enn living room som ble kret til BESTE KJP I FIDELITY 2008. Oppgradert versjon: – Nytt forbedret display (isbl bakgrunn mediterranean mrkebl skrift, vesentlig bedre lesbarhet) – Ny fjernkontroll mottager. (vesentlig bedre mottak) – Dobling audio-video elektrolytter i strmforsyning.(merkbar lydmessig forbedring) – Bytte audio-video emitter motstandskort for hyere klasse A drift og strre linjeritet. – Nytt “Upgrade” skilt p topplokket.

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