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Abiel Abbot Low was certainly one of twelve children (eight sons, four kids) of the Salem, Massachusetts, drug merchant, Seth Low. Abiel was raised attending public schools, and grew to become a clerk in the home of Frederick Howard & Company, a business involved in the South American trade, and gone to live in New You are able to together with his family in 1829. There, Seth Low pharmaceutical business prospered, posting drugs and India goods.

In 1833, Low sailed to Canton, China, and began being employed as a clerk for that mercantile house of Russell & Company, the biggest American firm in China, founded by Samuel Russell, as well as which Low uncle, William Henry Low, have been mind for many years. In 1837, after 4 years of understanding the particulars of buying and selling in China, Low grew to become someone within the firm. In 1840, he released their own business inside a partnership with Wu Bingjian, also called Howqua, a mentor for youthful People in america in China, an essential Hong merchant, mind from the Canton Cohong and among the wealthiest males in China. The organization, A. A. Low & Siblings, quickly grew to become one of the main China and Japan silks teas and opium buying and selling company.ny.

Getting made his fortune in China and very soon following the launch of his business, Low came back to New You are able to. There, he setup his New You are able to headquarters on Fletcher Street, inside a building distributed to his father business. In 1849-1850, Low erected the A. A. Low building at 167171 John Street, now area of the historic South Street Seaport historic area. The firm was situated at its Burling Slip building from 1850 to following the turn from the century.

Low released their own number of clippers, among that have been the Houqua, the very first sleek ship and named after his Chinese business partner who passed away in 1843, and also the Samuel Russell, named following the founding father of the mercantile company by which Low had labored like a clerk. Two other of Low clippers, the competition and also the Jacob Bell, were subsequently destroyed by Confederate privateers throughout the Civil War.

Low was noted for his business astuteness and shrewdness. He’s stated to possess instructed his captains in China to hold back and let rivals buy the first tea pickings, and also to buy the following tea pickings in a lower cost. Due to the rate of his clippers, he still handled to achieve New You are able to before his rivals.

Once firmly settled in New You are able to, Low committed to other endeavors, taking part within the financing from the first Atlantic cable, from the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway through West Virginia along with Collis P. Huntington yet others, as well as Newport News, Virginia, and Huntington, West Virginia. Low is made part of the brand new You are able to chamber of commerce in 1846, and was chosen since it’s leader in 1863. He held work until 1866 as he resigned and launched into a voyage all over the world. Throughout his tenure, he spoke out with respect to New You are able to businessmen against British support to Confederate commerce destroyers.

Low never went after an energetic political career, unlike his father, who became mayor from the village of Brooklyn, or boy, Seth Low, who later grew to become the mayor of Greater New You are able to. However, Low did accept nominations like a consultant and consultant to local trade and governmental government bodies regarding trade and commercial interests. Throughout the Civil War, he was active inside the Union Defense Committee of recent You are able to, part of the War Fund Committee of Brooklyn, and leader from the General Committee of People in Brooklyn, hired in help of the sanitary service.

He’s sometimes known for his philanthropy activities. In 1858, he grew to become leader from the Brooklyn Female Academy, later the Packer Collegiate Institute, and continued to be around the Packer board until his dying in 1893. He was recognized to give bonuses to instructors and anonymous scholarship grants to deserving students. Also, he led to the introduction of the Brooklyn Library, the town hospital and lots of other cultural, educational, social and religious businesses.

The Reduced Memorial Library, administrative center of Columbia College, was built-in his memory by his boy, Seth, in 1895.

He died in Brooklyn on The month of january 7, 1893.

Abiel Abbot Low was the boy of Seth and Mary Porter Low, grand son of David and Hannah Haskell Low, great grand son of David and Abigail Choate Low. Low married Ellen Almira, daughter of Josiah Dow of Brooklyn on March 16, 1841, coupled with two sons and 2 kids out of this marriage: Harriette Low (October 24, 1842 1884), Abbott Augustus Low (May 12, 1844 1912), inventor (particularly from the paper shredder), businessman and industrialist, Ellen Low (June 30, 1846 -1884), and Seth Low (The month of january 18, 1850 September 17, 1916) who later grew to become mayor of recent You are able to and leader of Columbia College. Upon the dying of his wife in 1850, Low married Anne Davison Low, widow of Low brother William Henry Low. Another brother, Charles Porter Low, offered as captain around the Houqua, Jacob Bell, Samuel Russell, and N.B. Palmer.

Kay Moor, a coal company town in West Virginia designed for Low’s Low Moor Iron Company, on the National Register of Historic Places.

N.B. Palmer (clipper), A.A. Low & Brother clipper ship, which tied the record Shanghai-New You are able to run of 89 days.

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