Aakash versus BSNL’s electronics wholesale tablet

This past year, DataWind in colaboration with the federal government asia arrived on the scene having a 7 inch Android tablet for college students. Named Aakash, named costs Rs 2,999 on the market while its subsidised rates are just Rs 2,250.

Aakash, that was praised because the least expensive tablet on the planet, was forecasted as revolutionary and was spoken about around the world. Actually, its makers got lakhs of preorders.

Prior to the excitement could die lower, though, public sector telecom operator BSNL has come forth with an very inexpensive tablet of their own. Made by Noida based Pantel Technologies, the Penta IS701R tablet has Wi-fi compatability and it is listed at Rs 3,499.

We now have two electronics wholesale pills within the same category – around Rs 3,000. Ideas attempt to compare the Aakash and BSNL pills when it comes to availability, cost, specifications and price additions.


DataWind, the Canadian company that’s manufacturing Aakash, on the previous occasion unsuccessful to honor its commitment to really make the tablet obtainable in stores through the finish of November this past year. Now the organization has stated that Aakash is going to be stocked in shops by March, but there’s been lots of switch flop on DataWind’s side.

Aakash tablet was to make available simply to students through schools and schools. However, the organization then began taking online orders for that electronics wholesale tablet from everybody, including students. Besides, DataWind has provided only 10,000 Aakash pills towards the government for distribution in schools and schools from the one lakh initially suggested.

On the other hand, BSNL’s Penta IS701R is going to be obtainable in stores and BSNL shops across the nation by March 1. Virendra Singh, controlling director of Pantel Technologies, stated towards the Mobile Indian, “We’ve the deliveries ready and we’ll certainly ensure our tablet reaches the shop by March 1.-

Since Aakash tablet has skipped the delivery deadline on three occasions we ought to not jump towards the conclusion that BSNL’s tablet will even satisfy the same fate.

By now, though, neither tablet has yet hit the industry.


DataWind has two versions of Aakash tablet: The initial Aakash tablet includes reduced specifications and it is listed at Rs 2,500. Its cousin – UbiSlate, is pretty more effective and it is listed at Rs 2,999. Actually, DataWind has come forth with another upgraded version, named UbiSlate7 , that also costs Rs 2,999.

BSNL’s basic level model, Penta IS701R is listed at Rs 3,499 and has a bundled up data plan of 5 GB for two months, then customers can recharge exactly the same arrange for Rs 750.

So essentially, it’s possible to compare UbiSlate, the upgraded form of Aakash tablet with Penta IS701R since the original Aakash tablet doesn’t have the very best of specifications. The cost distinction between the 2 pills is simply Rs 500 but customers can get 5 GB for data download for two months with BSNL’s tablet. Whereas just in case of Aakash, customers can get access to the internet on either tablet across mobile systems at Rs 99 for just two GB, but the organization hasn’t provided particulars concerning the data company.

When it comes to prices, BSNL’s tablet is certainly more costly by Rs 500, consider a number one telecom operator is pushing for that tablet’s availability, data services or connectivity and support may be a smaller amount of an problem.

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