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Dimensions 4.5-Volt, D, C, AA, AAA, 9-Volt, SR41/AG3, SR44/AG13 cells An AA battery measures 51mm long (50.1mm with no button terminal), 13.514.5mm across, (1.970.56 inches). Traditional alkaline AA batteries have mass of roughly 23g (.81 oz), Lithium AA batteries have mass around 15g (.5oz), and rechargeable NiMH batteries have mass about 31g (1.1oz). Primary chemistry and capacity Primary (non-rechargeable) zinc-carbon (Leclanch cell) AA batteries have around 400900 milliamp-hrs capacity, depending positioned on test conditions, duty cycle, and cut-off current selected. Zinc-chloride batteries of 1000 to 1500mAh are frequently offered as “lengthy existence” or “durableInch. Alkaline batteries from 1700mAh to just about 3000mAh cost a bit more, but last proportionally longer. Single-use (ie. non-rechargeable) lithium batteries can also be found for top demand products for example digital camera models, where their expensive is offset by longer running time between battery changes. By 2008, the only real 1.5V lithium AA known as “Ultimate Lithium” is produced by Energizer, although AA-sized batteries with various nominal currents can be found from others. These must only be utilized in products ranked for that greater current. Rechargeable chemistry and capacity A photo voltaic-powered charger for rechargeable AA batteries Rechargeable Nickel-cadmium battery (NiCd or NiCad) AAs having a capacity of 500 to 1100mAh can be found, cost growing with capacity. Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) AAs can be found in various capabilities varying from 1300 to 2900mAh. Rechargeable batteries supply 1.2V as this is less than the current of non-rechargeable cells, you will find problems running some products with one of these batteries. For instance, a tool might be involving 4 alkaline batteries in series, creating 6V, and could neglect to operate satisfactorily using the reduced current of four.8V created by 4 NiMH batteries. Some products include alerts barring use with rechargeable batteries, although some products are made to tolerate the low current. The older NiCd battery chemistry provides a greater peak current than typical NiMHs, so NiCds are generally accustomed to energy model cars or any other relatively high-current-draw products. New NiMH AAs created for high current programs are starting being available. These use different construction and also have lower capacity (typically 14001600mAh) compared to greatest capacity NiMH batteries (above 2500mAh). Rechargeable AA-sized batteries according to Li-ion chemistry are also introduced. These batteries are ranked at 3.6 volts and therefore are incompatible with many AA-based products. AA lithiums possess a relatively low internal resistance that effectively provides high current if shorted. Equipment made to depend on the battery’s internal potential to deal with limit current might not tolerate greater inrush up-to-date with lithium cells. Where space permits a set of AA batteries can often be changed with a single disposable or rechargeable CR-V3 battery See also Listing of battery dimensions AAA battery Battery holder Battery (electricity) Battery (vacuum tube) Battery recycling Battery nomenclature References ^ shows a duplicate from the page in the primary reference, IEC60086-2. Someone with accessibility primary reference can replace this ref. ^ “AA and AAA battery FAQ”. . ^ “NEXcell Rechargeable Li-ion CR-V3 Battery (RCR-V3) & Charger Package datasheet”. .. Exterior links Detailed specifications for Energizer lithium AA battery Detailed specifications for Duracell alkaline AA battery Brand Neutral Drawing Of AA Alkaline battery according to ANSI Specifications Brand Neutral Drawing Of AA NiCad battery according to ANSI Specifications Brand Neutral Drawing Of AA Lithium battery according to ANSI Specifications Brand Neutral Drawing Of AA NiMH battery according to ANSI Specifications Brand Neutral Drawing Of AA Rechargeable battery according to ANSI Specifications vde Battery dimensions AA battery AAA battery AAAA battery C battery D battery PP3 (9V) battery Lantern battery LR44 battery Button cell (CR2025) Groups: Battery shapesHidden groups: Articles requiring additional references from August 2009

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