A reunion story, Pastor Roy E Cruz

Pastor Dr. Roy E Cruz, once known as “Rev Robin Hood” now of Kissimmee Florida, has much to become grateful for. In 2006 he was delivered to Federal Prison for 15 several weeks for signing off on documents that contained false information regarding the several financial loans for his chapel, The Chapel of Dominion Corporation. situated in Greensburg Pennsylvania. The chapel used these financial loans to buy a brand new facility, open each day care center for single mothers, a residential area food bank, and K-12 Christian School for in danger children who have been failing within the public schools. Allegedly, a home loan broker, together with a minister consultant from Nigeria aided the chapel and also the pastor in acquiring the funds by fueling figures and assets. -Additionally, the chapel was guaranteed a grant by a business that unsuccessful to join up using the Department of Charitable Organizations, thus was considered non existent,- stated an agent in the chapel. Nonetheless the Pastor remained “holding the bag” as his final signature (together with the board) was present and that he made the decision to go in a guilty plead. His family, the chapel board, and congregation supported him with the ordeal. -I had been but still remain saddened in the discomfort triggered to my people, buddies, and individuals locally consequently from the situation that happened. It didn’t matter whose fault it had been, it mattered most in my experience that they are hurt because of it, these were hurt by me, and for your I will be sorry,” stated the Pastor.

On December 8, 2006 the Pastor showed up in the prison, FCI Loretto, situated in Loretto Pennsylvania, simply to uncover the roommate he was designated to was his biological father, Roy E Milton of McKeesport whom he’d not observed in over two decades. (Pastor Smith’s mother, the late Rev. Saundra Cruz of McKeesport never was legally married to Milton.) “Milton have been serving two drug related sentences at that time these were introduced together” based on an old Prison employee Mark Highland. The too apparently reconciled their variations and grew to become buddies. “I received my first Birthday Card from him in the prison,” reported Pastor Cruz. The pastor gave a sermon in the chapel service backed through the prison, and the father openly grew to become a Christian. Pastor Cruz was shortly launched for only serving 8 several weeks to community custody of the children under supervision from the Bureau of Federal Prisons until The month of january 7 of 2008. His father was scheduled for release in April (2009) and intends to relocate with boy and family in Florida. Pastor Cruz stated, “I needed to hang about until my Father was home before I launched this story. I felt it might cause him less trouble within the prison.”

Pastor Roy Cruz closed lower the Chapel of Dominion (where his wife Rev. EShawnna Cruz, have been pastoring in the absence) and it has since founded a brand new ministry endeavor known as, “Radical Change Ministries,” situated in Orlando Florida near where he, his wife and three children now reside. Some congregants in the former ministry also have moved with him. A singer/songwriter and inspirational speaker, Pastor Cruz is presently focusing on a Music Compact disc, in addition to a book titled Medley of Strength, “He required me there to bless me,” a tale how he feels God has permitted many troubling items to exist in his existence including molestation, poverty, and emotional trauma, which introduced him to some host to forgiveness, acceptance, and repentance for his silence in a few of these matters. He intends to release these projects between 2010. Based on court papers, there is a pending civil suit from the former -Morning Glory- Financial firm which was settled from court. The Nigerian Minister could no more be situated because he was using several aliases in addition to several business names. -It is time to maneuver forward, God includes a plan,- stated Pastor Cruz.

Every reunion story within the bible had significant reasons for future occasions. In Genesis chapter 42 when Frederick was reunited together with his siblings, the wedding alone produced divine visits not just for your loved ones, however for everybody in Egypt. God had set the household up for among the finest miracles they’d know. The household had come full circle together and every had their very own growth and alter consequently of the reunion. Although Frederick what food was in outcast and was offered into slavery, his newly discovered stature gave him the chance to bless his family and save their lives in the famine. This foreshadowing event suggests the existence of Christ, His resurrection and return.

Jesus stated in John, 14:3 -I am going to organize a spot for you that where I’m you will be.- Whenever we see our The almighty again, it shall present two different feelings. One, individuals who’ve committed their lives to Him shall express much deeper worship and recognition, whereas individuals who thought Him to become gone forever getting been -left for dead- shall with surprise bow their knee in humbleness understanding that what He stated was really true. Frederick had revealed his brother’s humbleness in dreams he had. Nonetheless, Personally i think it had been Frederick who had been most humble when God had orchestrated this type of divine appointment for him and the family.

I possibly could only think of the emotion felt between Pastor Cruz and the father on that day, but each event such as this, constantly reminds us that people will be back together again with this The almighty, Jesus, and when God might have inspired another book after Thought, in my experience it could be known as Jesus the subtitle would read -a reunion story-


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