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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAbstract Chapter 378th I female die you — Chapter 378th I y i n diedfrom Nangong fire you realize this time around the chance in the future and never easy ,is his father around the family several elders thought a great deal to obtain the chance .

On their behalf the hidden world family, aside from a couple of years within the outer contact business owners ,students aren’t permitted to walk out the interior family ,once out must create a career with no single success ,if came back towards the family will end up common disciple .

Nangong fire off regardless also didn’t think about themself when elders trust myself towards the red-colored in the trouble could be so difficult .Zhang Mao is among items with and the war strength ,otherwise to wish to make this happen uniforms or kill ,way too difficult .

The Nangong fire from are extremely obvious ,therefore ,he then will spare without trying to go into detail their finest to provide Zhang Mao to kill .Additionally, Nangong fire can also be very depressed ,Zhang d I allow him to possess a hematemesis impulse, additionally to a possess a dying wish there’s not one other word .

In the end these hidden world family who remained in the household from the connection with the outdoors world rarely ,therefore ,Zhang Mao arrogance additionally to J ihisanger ,along with a depressed . Hey hey it is dependent on whether you will find the ability ! Zhang D laugh at ,stated , allow me to die so many people, finally they’re dead ! Hum ! Nangong fire in the know your tongue will have off, so Zhang Mao stated he isn’t open ,then placed an unusual posture .

Nangong fire from body squat ,one hands palm facing a D ,as the other hands clenched on his waist ,filled with actions like Terracotta Military . This is exactly what Kung Fu ? Zhang d move back ,and appear in the Nangong fire ,as it is the hidden world family their Kung Fu are certainly some ancient Kung Fu ,it’s not possible using the market spread of Xingyi Quan ,praying mantis ,Drunken Master general .

,allow you to begin to see the Nangong family from fire energy ! Nangong fire from happily stated to Zhang Mao ,together with his voice falls ,Nangong fire from binocular flamed up ,simultaneously the new gas in the Nangong fire from l-ng leaped out ,knocked around viewers hurriedly retreating ,horrified in the Nangong fire from .

A Maoben to Nangong fire from the remote spot to duel ,but Nangong fire from just listen ,consider the people around ,a Maoye not a way, just shook his mind ,allow them to watching . Like Nangong family Kung Fu is principally in the fire work ,just don’t know in which the energy of fireside energy ? Zhang Mao heart care ,while privately introduced their two types of the genus x-ng Ling Yuan in Y i nx-ng Ling yuan .

Progressively, a chilly breath rheological body ,a chill using their body out, and Nangong fire from fire energy collide together when air is condensed right into a dense fog .It had been around really boil .

Oh ,who they may be ,really could be condensed into fog ! People announced .Immortal. A classic lady plop kneel on the floor ,on the Maohe Nangong fire from the beginning .A Maohe Nangong vitality continues to be not able to consider people around ,a couple are prepared .

Out of your sister ! Zhang Mao stated , Nangong red-colored can’t is still hit by me hematemesis ! Hum ! Nangong fire off angrily , red-colored from fire energy worse than me far, boy ,take might die ! Next ,Nangong fire from the body out of the box generally toward a bit of their rapid hop over, his that one was two meters high, then your air right into a severe arrow at Zhang Maochong .

Zhang Mao walked back in the Nangong fire ,the outcome pressure to solve all ,wait for a Nangong fire from the fall down when, Zhang Mao that designed a film, that one, Zhang Mao in the Nangong fire from Xi o ngmouth ,through his eye perspective ,he present in Nangong fire from Xi o ngoutlet pool with several more effective spirit element .

Right? ! Nangong fire from large Jing ,Zhang Maodi unpredicted blow at his spirit x-e ,busy the blow from the Xi o ng mouth,another one with hot howl and Zhang Mao palm together .

! Zhang Mao and also the Nangong vitality of the y inYang two palms within the butt ,instant erupts to some roar ,the air are intense trembling up ,supported by numerous water ,close a couple of visitors was decorated with water body .

Oh ! God. God ! Peripheral came a seem impressive, they’re just regular people ,don innate condition, exactly what the hidden world family ,but don’t understand what is from the fire .

Visit a Maohe Nangong fire on the go only when they’re from the legendary master .At this time around, Hu family courtyard . Grand daddy ! Hu Qingluan hurried into Hu Jingguo bed room , Zhang Mao and Nangong family from Nangong fire fight ! Right? Hu Jingguo startled ,busy request ,s the problem ,Nangong household is delivered to kill Zhang Mao too? I don Zhang Mao yesterday to Nangong red-colored from become serious ! Hu Qingluan tone having a hint of worry , the Nangong fire from is a within the top quality, soon to go in the very best grade hereditary ,Zhang Mao definitely not his opponent ,you want to send a secret ! Hu Jingguo thought up ,alongside Hu Qing Luan somewhat anxious .

No. Hu Jingguo all of a sudden stated . Ah ?! Hu Qing Luan was stupefied, Grand daddy ,you are able to a little worried ,or that you simply feel a Maoyou that is one celebrity class within the top quality hereditary condition defeated? Zhang Mao didn’t look so simple ,he isn’t a guy, because the courage to Nangong fire from the war shows him to trust ourselves ,we this time around if sent ch a handbut allow him to easy upon us something ! Hu Jingguo may be the leader of China ,then evaluates the benefits and drawbacks .

This really is ! Hu Qing Luan frowned , I really hope he ! Oh Hu Jingguo all of a sudden chuckled , what, that ? m not worried ! Hu Qingluan hurried exit retorted , I wish to train a lesson to him, if he was in the Nangong fire wounded or wiped out ,I’ve found who will probably be ? OK.

Hu Jingguo smiled and stated , regardless of what you please just proceed, before the war ended once you return in my experience ! Well ! Hu Qingluan have worry and fearful heart to depart Hu Jingguo .

Nangong fire using their hands to feel one decreasing in the regal y i ncold gas ,his fire in the gas would almost be he restrained ,heart couldn’t help but fear, no surprise red-colored will fail so totally ,which means this kid Kung Fu is y i ncold goes to x-ng ,just keep our in the fire ! I have to have wiped out him ,or leave the troubles ! Nangong fire from is a prime B i to adifficult situation .

It’s much more powerful compared to red-colored leaves ! Zhang Mao required the Nangong fire in the press following the hearts of horror ,his strength is definitely much better than the Nangong fire from far ,although its y i nx-ng can restrain his cold fire in the work ,but in the end the main difference nearly a grade ,Zhang Mao felt his hands as though to burning ,discomfort he frowned .

Fire Zhang Mao heart all of a sudden move, I don have an optimistic spirit from the genus x-ng yuan ,can’t know and in the fire energy of fireside x-ng fusion . Think about here ,Zhang Mao will rapidly implicit x-ng spirit element into Yang goes to x-ng ,all of a sudden ,his discomfort disappeared ,but a bit more an inarticulate comfortable ,Yang is really a x-ng spirit element also increased b .

can will his fire x-ng phagocytosis fusion ! Zhang Mao hearts wedding . Nangong fire from all of a sudden frowned , this kid Ling Yuan appeared to possess transformed ,butto consider him lower ! Nangong fire from no more think , advance ,toward a electrical sockets again require sometime ,it almost had his strength .

Zhang Mao hey hey laugh, Yang is really a x-ng spirit element can also be pointed out within the same maximum ,spare without trying towards it ,within the two pocket is within together time ,Zhang Mao mouth slightly moved .

Nobody is t ng Ji clearly what Zhang Mao has stated ,even fire from Nangong and Zhang Mao was not far from no t ng Ji clearly what he stated . Hey ,I y i ndie you ! Zhang Mao the outlet Nangong fire from hear clearly .

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