A Brief History of Facesitting

Queening because it is frequently known as developed in the sado masochistic side from the BDSM scene whereby using a males face, and particularly mouth, nose and tongue are replaced for normal vanilla intercourse and masturbation, through the truly dominant lady.

From the submissive perspective In my opinion it places a man or woman inside a total subservient position, under her usually well rounded bottom and crotch. She sits on his face, or has his mind trapped between her strong upper thighs. The entire event is dedicated to her pleasure, her orgasms whereas the guys pleasure or discomfort, insufficient satisfaction or frustration, desires or fears are of little importance, if any.

This wonderful sexual practice includes a whole insightful history behind it. A lot of women in medieval homes frequently had pages whom she’d address as – With Whom It Might Concern: give them mouth, lip and tongue service under their skirts while their husband was absent. Because there is no transmission the ladies continued to be technically faithful.

Many youthful boys had his first training in sex together with his mind underneath a Mistresss backside, together with her pussy intensely riding his face. Frequently youthful women still sexual virgins, loved wonderful orgasms on the male servants mouths in their earliest sexual encounters. China also adopted the skill of facesitting and queening throughout court periods. Usually one very lengthy tongued, trained male slave was utilized by female royalty and court ladies. It was completed in such a manner because it was as though they would the lavatory. The slave could be summoned through the female then used like a toy after which after she’d ridden his face he’d be ignored delicately. Japan also developed brothels which may provide male slaves for such use by going to, having to pay ladies and women.

The emphasis was on total pleasure for that lady using the male slaves mouth and tongue supplying only sexual plan to the feminine genital area known to as cunnilingus or cunnilinctus or as many people make reference to it literally as cunt licking/ drawing.

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