16 Candle lights


Awkward senior high school sophomore Samantha “Mike” Baker (Molly Ringwald) struggles to cope with your day of her sixteenth birthday, which her whole family does not remember because her older sister, Ginny (Blanche Baker), gets married the following day. She’s also affected by her ongoing infatuation using the extremely popular and incredibly attractive senior, Mike Ryan (Michael Schoeffling). Her trip to school costs no better when she discovers that her completed “sex quiz,” which she surreptitiously ended up to her friend, never arrived at her (and, unknowingly either to of these, was acquired by Mike Ryan themself). Mike panics because the quiz consists of private information, including the truth that she’s a virgin and it is saving herself for Mike.

She’s another group of problems when she arrives the place to find discover that both teams of grandma and grandpa are remaining in the Baker home throughout the marriage visit. On the top from it all, some grandma and grandpa brings along bizarre foreign currency student Lengthy Duk Dong (Gedde Watanabe). Sam’s grandma and grandpa pressure her to consider him along to her school dance that evening and, to Sam’s amazement, it requires “The Donger” only five hrs to locate an unlikely girlfriend the tallish, large-breasted jock, Marlene, quickly nicknamed “Lumberjack.” After a little ensuing madness with everybody involved, Sam’s family eventually comprises prior to the wedding and apologizes for failing to remember her birthday.

A running subplot involves a nerdy newcomer (Anthony Michael Hall) who constantly (and unsuccessfully) attempts to mattress his passion interest, Mike, to fulfill a wager together with his buddies. The smoothness is known to on several occasions within the movie as either “Ted” or “Player Ted”, but he’s credited exclusively as “the Geek.”

Within the auto-shop room throughout the dance, Mike and Ted begin speaking and Mike confesses her passion for Mike. Upon hearing this, he informs her that Mike have been asking about her in the dance, plus they agree that Mike must go and speak with him. As she’s departing, he discloses the wager to Mike, who, in her own excited condition, concurs to loan him her under garments to assist him win twelve diskettes.

Later (following a peepshow of Sam’s training pants for $1 admission, which she doesn’t discover about until the following day), Ted and the equally uncomfortable buddies, High cliff (Darren Harris) and Bryce (John Cusack), crash the senior after-party at Jake’s house throughout that the entire home is completely trashed. At night’s finish, Mike finds Ted trapped within table and they start to talk. Mike inquires further about Mike Ted describes the problem. Mike constitutes a cope with Ted: If Ted allows Mike keep Sam’s panties, he then will let Ted clarify his inebriated, stuck-up, promenade full girlfriend, Carolyn Mulford (Haviland Morris), in Jake’s father’s Comes Royce. Mike later uses the excuse of finding them together to interrupt track of Carolyn (who had remarkably fallen for Ted, and therefore does not mind the break-up greatly). After, Mike drives towards the chapel just over time to satisfy an incredulous Mike after her sister’s wedding. The film concludes together discussing a hug on the birthday cake with 16 candle lights.


Primary figures:

Molly Ringwald as Samantha Baker

Justin Henry as Mike Baker

Michael Schoeffling as Mike Ryan

Anthony Michael Hall as Ted, also known as “The Geek”

Gedde Watanabe as Lengthy Duk Dong

Haviland Morris as Caroline Mulford

Paul Dooley as Jim Baker

Carlin Glynn as Brenda Baker

Blanche Baker as Ginny Baker

Edward Andrews as Grand daddy Howard Baker

Billie Bird as Grandmother Dorothy Baker

Carole Prepare as Grandmother Helen

Max Showalter as Grand daddy Fred

Liane Alexandra Curtis as Randy

John Cusack as Bryce

Darren Harris as High cliff (Wease)

Deborah Pollack as Marlene, also known as “Lumberjack”

Joan Cusack as Geek Girl

John Kapelos as Rudy Ryszczyk

Filming locations

16 Candle lights was shot mainly around the Chicago North Shoreline suburban community of Evanston, Illinois throughout the summer time of 1983. The majority of the exterior moments and a few of the interior moments were shot at Niles East Senior High School, near to downtown Skokie, the setting for Hall’s driving the Comes-Royce. A cafeteria scene, gym scene, and auto shop scene were shot at Niles North Senior High School. The Baker home is situated around the 3000 block of Payne St. in Evanston. The chapel and parking area in which the final moments occur is within Glencoe.


The film launched eight days just before the establishment from the PG-13 rating was initially ranked R through the MPAA, after which re-ranked PG on appeal.


16 Candle lights was well-received by experts. Review aggregator website Rotten Tomato plants reported that 90% of experts gave it an optimistic rating, according to 30 reviews. Ringwald’s performance was especially recognized Variety known as her “engaging and credible” while Roger Ebert authored that they “supplies a perfect center for that story”. The smoothness of Lengthy Duk Dong was belittled to be offensive. Ebert, however, defended him, writing that Gedde Watanabe “improves his role from the potentially offensive stereotype to high comedy”.

The film rated number 49 on Entertainment Weekly’s listing of the 50 Best Senior High School Movies.

16 Candle lights would be a moderate success in the box office, grossing $23,686,027.

Follow up

In 2005, Ringwald was considered to be creating a follow up towards the film. By This summer 2008[update], Ringwald was still being thinking about a follow up.[citation needed]


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